Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thursday’s Things........

Antique corner in our downstairs shows many old pieces .  Our old house was an old farmhouse and these kind of things fit in well to an old house full of many old rooms.  The group doesn’t really have a place to fit in on the main new floor.  I saw on a show once that the four legged table was called a turkey leg table.  The legs do have a lot of groves that remind one of a turkey’s leg. The chair use to be an old wash house chair and the different stoneware things are from old. My mom used the white bowl to  stirrup dough for bread.

Barney could see out the windows in our new living room when we first moved in a coulee of years ago. This is a photo from when we first moved.  His eyesight keeps failing and I don’t think he sees far enough to look out our window. For some reason though he can see across the street people walking their little dogs.

This is an archived photo of what we  could see out our dining room window at the old place. I am rethinking the idea of making a new tray feeder to try to bring in the cardinals.  I certainly have plenty of scrap wood to make one.

An archived photo of cookies that I really like to eat.  I haven’t bought any for a very long time and that is best for my health not to buy any. We didn’t have grandkids around this Christmas so we didn’t do cookie buying.  I think that some of these would be sent him to the boys and parents.

It is Thursday and we are ready for the storm.  Saturday and Sunday will be bad days for us.  I heard them mention that wind chills being  around -26 degrees F. It is unbearable when we get such strong winds.  I have the beginnings of a tray feeder for the backyard.  It will be freestanding and maybe a covered tray.  Scrap wood is being used.  Thank your for stopping by today.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Streamlined Junco....

The feathers are all in their correct space and the accents of white makes it look more aerodynamic. When the leave a feeder they sometime drop down in a streak headed for more seeds on the ground.

They seem to be the most loyal to eat at the feeders.  Sparrows are the only other kind that are seem to be eating at the feeders right now.
I bought a new sketch book hoping to get me back into being an artist.  It is a fun book with quality paper that I could watercolor in also. So far it hasn’t helped that I haven’t picked up a pencil and use it.

It isn’t a big sketchbook but it will work well for doing small details drawings. If I can just one drawing started maybe I can get more of them done.  A sketch a day would be a good idea. We will see if that every happens.

It is made up into a nice package with the elastic band to help keep in closed when not in use. You can see why I was tempted to buy it.

Two women who were our neighbors at the old place, stopped by to see our newer home.  The Christmas decorations are partially taken down but it was good to be able to show it with some decoration.  The angel collection is still out  as well as the villages.  The two will be the last to be taken down.  The two angels here are actually new ones my wife received a couple of different years in the past.  I could not find any new ones to add to the collection that would fit with the kinds that my wife collects.  I could buy her a santa or a Mickey Mouse done by this artist but not really any angels were left to buy.
The day is cold and crisp with all that snow freezing into crunchy textures.  Barney doesn’t like to walk on it and I don’t blamer him.  It seems colder out there and stocking caps are necessary.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Second Day.....of the Week..

The red twig dogwoods are turning to a good color in the winter. I trimmed them back the first year that I lived here and they are now getting tall again.  I am thinking though that I won’t trim them until they get taller than the fence.  I had these at the old place and really like having them in the garden.

I took this shot a week ago and almost did not share it.  The ornaments at the top row are some that I bought twenty years ago.  The were designed to duplicate the early glass blown ones of old. The bottom row I bought thirty five years ago in a mall in Omaha, Nebraska. They seemed meager looking but it was a neat and cheap collection.  Having studied ornament books, they too were created duplicating the early  glass blown ornament.  Notice the acorn and mushroom in this set.  The design was used in the beginning of the making the ornaments. Two stray trees at the top left areanother example of duplication of antique ornament shapes.

One more closer look of the oldie but goodie ones from Nebraska. I remember buying them in a kitchen shop in that mall and the Nebraska Cornhuskers game was on throughout the mall.
If I plan on seeing cardinals this year, I will have to keep this pillow around the house. The patterned chair in the downstair room sure does not blend very well with the pillow.

I have a set of four of these shots of the squirrel.  He was digging down to the pan of birdseed that was buried and frozen in the snow.  I will share a shot a day to show you the antics he was pulling to pull out that frozen food. My birds really have not proved to be too interested in my feeders. I may put one down on the grown below where I am feeding to see if they are avoiding the height of the deck.

We will be melting some today.  It won’t be very warm but it will be enough to melt snow from underneath.  I think more will be coming at the end of the week.  Thanks for checking in on my blog spot today.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Lost a Bird.....

An archived photo of one of my cockatiels.  The bird had lifted the door and escaped, flying around the room and finding a place to land on the window slats on a very ice covered outside window.  I lost my female cockatiel yesterday from injuries on one of her wings.  She had apparently flapped down into a perch pole and got it caught between the side of a cage and the rod.  The reaction of that kind of bird is to wildly flap her wings to regain her balance.  That process caused her to tear off feathers and skin from the top round part of her wings.  She did this two or three weeks ago.

She did start to heal up and new feathers did start to grow out in places but she just couldn’t get healed up fast enough.  The area was just too large for her to completely get over her damage.  Of the different cockatiels that I have had, the three in the cage were brothers and a sister.  I have had them for a long time.  I am thinking that I have had them for more than 15 years maybe 20..  I will have to research it sometime.

 I received the parents originally form a student whose mother wanted them out of the house as they were making too much of a mess in the room she kept them.  I kept the parents in school for a few years and then one summer when I brought them home, I just kept them at home.  The parents nested in a nest box and gave me two hatchings in a four month period.  Two birds hatched out first and then a couple of months later they hatched out three more.  The last three are the ones that I still had until loosing the one yesterday. I had given a pair of young ones to a friend from school at the time reducing the number of seven birds to five.  Even though I bought a large cage the female still managed to hurt itself.  That is how I have lost others as the would fall to the bottom of a cage and break something.

This is another shot of one of them which had escaped.  The cockatiel are friendly and each has a personality.  The female that I lost was the queen of the cage and she pushed her brothers around a lot.  She was always the first to get to eat and the two brothers always yielded her some space.  I could hear the brothers calling for her yesterday and they do seem to know who was in their group. They tend to peck beaks towards each other to know who is who.

It is Monday and I am trying not to do much today.  I need to get a spark plug for my snowblower and there are a few mundane things that get cleaned on Mondays.  It is still cold but it looks like we might get above freezing this afternoon for a few hours.  I hope everyone will have a good day.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday PM.......

Snow has stopped and the day s a bright one.  The neighbors trees are coated and the fence has its build up of the day before.

This seems to be the amount of snow that came down.  It seems to be a decent amount to usher us into a real winter season.  We were up late this morning and I discovered some nice person finished my driveway.  I had partially scooped the walk and the drive but they completed it.  Our bedroom is the opposite end of the garage so it is possible that we would not have heard them.

I have a snowblower but I couldn’t get it started.  I am going to buy a new spark plug for it and I think it will run.  My son pulled it off a neighbors junk pile in his home town and brought it to me this past summer. It is a Toro so it will start. I was glad to have someone help me out but I am not sure who it was.

I am getting more birds at the feeder but the variety of kinds is not great.  The sparrows and juncos are doing well.  I have the red colored bird again which I can not decide if it is a purple finch or house finch.  I will have to get a photo of them and then check the net. I like that I could capture to snow it the photo.

I seems to be a true winter with the bone chilling cold that comes from the snow on the ground .  The roads to church were good but there were some problem areas in which I had to creep through with the car.

The news reported a lot of accidents yesterday on the heavily traveled roads.  We just didn’t go out so that we would face any of the bad conditions.

I thank you all for stopping by today.  Have a great rest of the day.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday’s a Snow Day........

We have had heavier snowfalls but this is going to be a good one that will be easy to measure. The backyard scene is getting whiter and whiter as the day goes on.

The junco was digging down into the snow to get seed.  I decided to help out all the birdsbc dumping a pile right in the middle.  I was researching things about the birds and they are warm blooded.  What is unique for birds is their ability to send all the energy from their food to supply heat to their blood streams.  That explains why the birds all head to the feeders when it snowing and cold.  I did have a large flock of birds out there earlier but they are taking a break right now from my feeders.
This feeder is open on the opposite side.  It really is snowed in on the south side. The snow continues and I am waiting a while to attack the sidewalks.  I do have a snow blower and need to learn how to start it.  I know the steps and it is an electrically designed for me to plug it in to get a first start. I watch a neighbor clear his drive and sidewalk while I was out with Barney for the second this morning.   I think he will be snowed in again as it is coming down at a heavy pace right now.

We didn’t venture to the bookstore today as pictures like this were on the television screen. I don’t think this one was locally but it is a great example what might happen this day.

Old Blue my tree holds a lot of birds and is now collecting snow.  It is the kind of snow that is building up on the branches. Sometime is just melts off but not today. I think the rabbit lives under the tree.  I see him rarely in the front yard looking for things to eat in the front yard flower beds.  I know he is there as Barney can smell that his has been in the old peony bed.  He has to sniff it out to see where the rabbit has been.  I have once seen the furry rabbit friend take off at great speed away from the area and head back down the hill. The blue spruce didn’t grow out cones at the top this year.  Maybe they don’t do that on a yearly cycle as it did take a year for the cones to drop.  Maybe it is a longer cycle that I know about the spruce tree.

I took a photo of my rock collection on the garden ledge.  The former owners dumped their collection into the rock covered rose garden area next to the house when they moved. I had sorted them out as they were polished. One summer  my grandson was bothered by them and tossed them all back into the rock masses.  Whenever I see them I pick them back out of the area as I work with pruning the roses. It looks like a good project to put them into a bonsai planting.   Did I mention that they are covered with snow right now.

Thank you for checking in at the blog today.  I wish you all to have a great weekend.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday’s Final Finish for Today.......

I am ready for spring.  I know that snow is heading our way but I would like to skip all of it. It wasn’t so extremely cold this morning but it is still cold.  I look over at this peony bed and am wishing to see the 30 tulips that I planted in there.  It will be their first time blooming and a surprise to a lot of people.

This flower seems to not be bothered by extreme freezes as it has had that off and on the past weeks.  I am thinking it is one that belongs to the carnation family.  I can’t think of its real name but I know that they are suppose to winter over for spring.  Pinks is another word for them.  I haven’t cleared this flower bed yet as I would like to see the shapes of the dead flowers in the snow.  I have spikes in there that are completely dead and gone. The leaves have accumulated in the bed which was a good thing.

I rambled on and on yesterday about the tall two story house.  This morning the light was just right and I could get a shot of it from the front door steps. The foreground house is a two story and the one behind it also is a two story.  The difference is that the basement with a walk out door is almost ground level.  The people will have to walk up some stairs to get to the first floor. I see that it isn’t shingled yet. The foreground house sits in Ankeny and the the newer house sits in Saylorville.  They seem to be working on things that don’t put out much carpenter noises right now.  When the shingle we will definitely here the popping sounds of nail guns.

I took down the two trees in the spare bedroom that have all of the glass blown ornaments.  I have a lot of these kind but I really don’t see this kind for sale anymore. They use to have packets of a dozen but I think they have stop making them for now.  They have changed the market for them by selling them larger and by the single ornament.  They are painted with similar kinds of paint so you can’t tell if they are glass blown or plastic.

I now have about four boxes of these with double layers of ornaments per box. I bought a set of plain smaller balls for the trees but I can see I need to just stop doing that. The styles of them have changed a lot as I collected.  Modern soldiers to birdhouse have been added to the kinds that the make. A whole collection of different snowmen and santas is one of the themes that seems to prevail.

I have a streetlight right below the moon so my camera is struggling. I am going to probably walk down the street a little way to correct that.  I like the challenge.

It has been a busy morning today and I am ready for a couple of days off. Two more trees down and taken to the basement and all the boxes of ornaments are on their shelves now in the storeroom area.  My outside decorations are all downstairs now and things are looking pretty plain out there.

I hope all is well with everyone today. Thanks for checking in on this post.