Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

This changed quickly as the one person preceded to cut the deck and all of its supports apart and put them in his truck.

Looking down through our dining room window you can see my old potters wheel, the garden shed, and the last of the deck.

Same shot with a different window view.  It has been a noisy process but it is now all gone.

Last night's view is a bleak looking one. We had to leave to take the car for an oil change and when we returned everything was done and cleaned up for today’s work. I was told that a large crew will be here today to start assembling things. A board that will support the floor is being drilled onto the house right now.

On a side note, I found out that they stopped making Buick Lacrosse cars for forever.  I don’t like SUV vehicles and I really don’t know what I will ever buy again now. I just like cars. My Buick has such low mileage that maybe I can just drive it for forever.
I am thinking that this looks a lot more serious with some hefty lumber in the back yard.

Another load is ready to be used in the front drive.

Projecting poles will be raise to the right height to support the outside edge of the room.  The young boys did a good job getting them all screwed into the ground.

My peony-like tulips are blooming right now. They are great looking flowers once the do finally get all unfolded.  In certain light conditions they do have a pink color.  The camera didn’t pick that up here in this photo.

This photo shows this one being pink in color.  We have appointments today and will be out and about for a while. The day is cool but it is going to warm up.  I appreciate you stopping by today.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Deck Day.....

Our flowering trees are looking good again this spring. We had a rain that should help them to bloom more.

I research these last year and they are  not the pear variety.  They are an small apple variety that hands on the tree in the summer for birds to eat.  Our neighborhood has broken the rules and removed their suggested trees when they bought their property.  One of the streets a few blocks over is still covered all along the street for many blocks. Our street has maybe less than a dozen as they have replaced them with other varieties.
It rained yesterday so they didn’t show up to remove our deck.  But today at eight in the morning they were ready to go.  They also brought their crew that puts in steel posts for the deck and sunroom.
The two man crew are drilling 10 foot posted into the ground.  The machine does a good job and doesn’t destroy the grass.  The two guys running the machine look like they are 14 years old but I do think they might be close to 20 years old.
The poles have this auger on the end that helps the pole be dug into the ground. I am assuming the machine that does all the work also helps to get it vertically in the ground. While that crew works at putting them in, the crew boss is taking the deck apart by cutting it apart.

Cutting it up into pieces really makes sense as it is easier to tote out of here. I assume the young drilling people will help him to carry them up our hill to the trailer.  I haven’t mentioned that it is a noisy process as they cut the thing into chunks.
The deck is being cut into strips so it can be removed one joist at a time with small parts of the deck still attached. I am a recycle person so it hurts to see nothing will be saved.

We are capturing glimpse of the work as the drilling guys put in the poles. One guy seems to be the brains of the process and the other is watching most of the time.

I will stop for today as I need to get the blog posted.  You know that I will keep you up to date on the work. I have been good and left everyone alone.  I met the boss when he started and then walked away.  It will be an eventful day and we will be glad to get this job done today.  Thank you for stopping in today.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Monday Morning and Beyond......

We started out our Monday with the sunrise looking like this.  It now has rained some from clouds that actually came from the north. I don’t think the rain is going to last for long.  It does keep me from mowing my front yard.  I can always do it this afternoon if it does stop. I check the radar and it already has moved out of our area.

I cut all of my daffodils this morning as we have workmen coming to work in the area.  I figure we can enjoy them inside instead of seeing the being walked on by big shoes.

Our deck is going to be removed today to make way for a sunroom.  We have thought about it for the last two years and a month or so ago we just went to the sunroom store. We picked it out and they will do all the work.  They will give us also a new cedar deck attached to it on the south.  I can still take pictures from a deck but will have a week or so delay to be able to do it. I told my wife that I will be closer to the sun in the mornings.

We get flagged again to show where all the utility lines.  I guess I did see the guy use a device to read where they are but I bet he knew from all of the houses being hooked up the same way from the boxes at the back of the lock.  They need to dig holes for more sturdy posts that hold up a sunroom on the second floor.

I have violets up right now in my corner garden spot.  There are asparagus plants over there and the rest is filled with flowers.  I had five of my peonies grow this spring that had been brought from the old place.  One of them did not survive or it is just slow starting. The violets grow wild at the old place but this one seems to be the only one that I have on this property. I may have brought it in with a lily that I moved in there.

When it warms up today I will have to mow the front yard.  I may just leave this area alone until the grape hyacinths are finished blooming.  We are 67 degrees right now but I think we will warm up more than that.  I have a few yellow flowers growing in the yard that my neighbors are probably frowning it right now.  I purchased a new devise for our bedroom toilet this morn and also so more weed killer.  The top valve of the toilet system apparently got plugged with minerals. The small hose that puts out water to fill the tank kept on with a small steady stream of water after the tank had filled and everything was supposedly shut off. I know how to do all that kind of work but I hate doing it.  I also discovered that my shut off valve to the tank is now not shutting off.

Well I will keep up with progress photos of our new project.  I never liked the back of our houses looks.  This will make it look more appealing with the new additions.  I don’t think I ever posted the back view of our house as it looks like a two story monster with no landscaping.

I thank you for stopping by today.  Have a good day. 

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter Day.....

We are having a wonderful warm spring day on Easter Sunday. The warmer it gets the more things are blooming.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Spring Clouds......

The cloud formations keep changing as the wind blows and also when the sun comes out.

Have one or two bulbs in one place really isn’t effective as one needs a group of them to look really good.  I will work on that this fall trying to plant a filed of daffodils.

The hosts are poking through now also.  They are a tough plant so once they are planted, they are not going to go away.   I like how they multiply.  This one has been in the ground for a couple of years now so it will look full this year. This one is in one that I put in the rock garden area and it really did reach down for soil under those rocks.

The blue spruce is filled with lots of birds. I can hear baby birds chirping up in there but I can not see a single nest.  I think the doves have a nest up in there somewhere. Our view of the tree from the house shows birds coming and going with the tree.

The tulips are now redder.  I need to take new photos as they mature and stay open more.  They look completely red by evening and I need to get out there and take some new shots.

We visited our other bookstore today at the southern end of Des Moines.  We were pleasantly surprised that a brand new Hobby Lobby was built across the way from the bookstore. The whole mall area has increased by a third or more in just a year.  We won’t be just going to the bookstore on Saturdays anymore.  We went today of course and my wife was really pleased. We are learning to be spontaneous and that made our day complete.

Thanks for stopping by on this Saturday.  I wish you all to have a Great Easer weekend. Thanks for stopping by today.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Good Friday......

The pair of doves continue to frequent the deck. This one was dancing around looking for stray seed.

The thistle seed feeder was moved to the ledge of the deck and for the first time the doves can feed from it.

The tulips next to the garage door are looking really good. They still were not completely opened when I took this.  It is still cold out there.  We are planning to have warmer weather today but it won’t be a heat wave.

The tulips planted in the peony bed are up and budded but yesterday while it was really cold they still were getting taller.  The tulip bulb is a mystery as to how it grows regardless of the air temperature. The globe allium still has to send up their stems higher before they put out a bloom. My flowering trees in the front yard are all budded and probably will bloom in the next few days.

Things are being moved around in the backyard right now as a new project, yet to be announced, is starting on Monday. I am not doing the work.  I keep moving things around to get them out of the way.  I don’t think this is a permanent display with the wheel and pitch fork but I guess it could stay. The rhubarb is growing significantly and I have asparagus the will need to be picked in the next few days.

It is Good Friday and the week has gone fast.  I really have finished some projects this week but it still feels like winter outside. That does slow me down.  I wish everyone to have a great weekend. Thanks for checking in on my blog.

Our oldest son called today giving us a notice that the birthday gift for our youngest grandson had arrived. It startled us because we also have a grand baby due any day the next couple of weeks. No baby yet.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Twisted Weather....

The day starts out looking like this.  The sun glow was bright along the horizon but it was not to be seen.

Ten minutes later from the top shot the sun burst through those clouds.  It was spectacular and looked like we were going to have a bright sunny day.

Then a half hour later it all fell back into place as being a very cloudy day. It is 44 degrees F. right now and I don’t think it will get to be much better.
I shared this on my photo blog today also.  It was so cold that the tulips are not open.  I will see if I an retake it later. If we warm up enough for them to open up by this afternoon I can share their true colors  I have a couple of other plantings that are not open yet but will be in a few days.  The bubls I planted last fall. around the peony bushes are all up and I counted 34 tulips.  I don’t like planting them but I do like seeing them so I just push myself to get them in the ground. Barney was still with us while I planted those and he watched me putting in the bulbs.

Our neighbors' new dog is an Australian cattle dog.  I have seen them in dog shows but never in real life.  He is a sweet guy or girl running up and down the deck steps so he can watch me from above when I am in the backyard.  I don’t know how old the dog is but the two of them are giving it a lot of care as the stay outside with it often through the day. Across the way is a neighbor that has a Boston terrier. I rarely hear him barking but we can see through the way how he darts around playing with the twin girls and two or three other boys. The terrier and the cattle dog are on opposite sides of the fence.

I spent some time with a salesman again yesterday.  I did want to have a company treat and fertilize the yard for the summer.  I don’t want to do it myself.  I didn’t ask them to come to the door but I had lots of questions before I signed up and prepaid. When they call on the phone I usually just say no but yesterday seemed like a good time to talk to a real person about it.  I won’t have to worry about that part of it and maybe I will be able to get the mowing done. I didn’t inherit a yard in very good shape.  I moved dirt into some areas where I actually have grass growing now. If I see marvelous changes with the quality of the grass I will continue the company. If not I will stop next year.

We were out on a couple of errands yesterday afternoon and we got caught in flooding street water.  I had to change lanes and bypass the whole freeway to feel safe with all the rain. The road was a slant so the right lane was funneling all the excess water on that side and a row of a dozen cars didn’t know what to do.  I moved to the next lane over as I didn’t want trouble with the engine. It was worth the  extra driving time to get away from it. My wife’s friend called while we were out telling us were having a hail storm at our house.  I didn’t see any evidence of it but the dark black clouds looked like they could produce one.

Hoping all is well with you out there today.  Thanks for stopping by today.