Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday’s Findings.....

They seem to be neglected but this one is blooming anyway. I never got this one transferred to real dirt and it seems to be doing ok it the companies’ dirt.

The white one also seems to be growing well with me not paying attention of it. The white is harder to photograph but it s a beautiful set of blooms.

The one monarch seems to keep hanging around.  I can’t be certain that it is the same one but it is odd that we have only one. The neighbor to the northwest was mowing his yard and this one guy was busy flitting about.

My rose that I bought as a cheap bargain last fall continues to show off its wonderful red blooms.  I never know what to expect when I pick up a gallon bucket and a few stems and leaves but this one had done very well. I spent some time picking off spent blooms of the front yard roses.  It takes a lot of time but I have buds forming already for their final showing.

I worked at the old house today finishing up the job of painting all of the cupboards. This photo is of the new floor being put in last month. I shifted the tile at a half lap and it made it looks so great rather than line them up corner to corner. You can see some of the old blue that I had to cover on the cupboards. I ended up putting two coats of a semigloss enamel on the cupboards and did not like it.  So I added two coats of a satan enamel on top of that, same paint company, and it covered up great. My neighbor was over to share dreams today and he was so excited about how great the kitchen did now look.  I am doing things backwards as I still need to roll a ceiling paint on a popcorn ceiling. I have a large roll of butcher paper so I will cover everything up before I do that. New handles and the ceiling is that last to do. I have stared a punch list for each room and this room will be punched done very soon.

Hey, it is good that the weekend is coming.  It has been an active week with stories to tell that I can’t tell, about some neighbors at the old place.  Things do always get complicated and I keep surprising myself that I can land on my feet. At my age, falling down would be expected. but staying vertical is something to be glad about for me. Helping people out can sometimes turn into a disaster.  Life is good. Now I will wave my magic wand and say have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by today.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sky views........

It seemed like a gray morning when we got up an this photo shows why.  The clouds and fog make it dull looking outside and the sun is jus now coming up behind the tree.

I want to make a pot of coffee and came back to find this.  One doesn’t dare blinking as things change so quickly.  It is a familiar sight from the deck in the morning. That sunshine will be all day and I am sure it will burn off all the moisture with it becoming 90 degree F.

The monarch showed up in the asters in the afternoon and I was able to follow it to the backyard.
 It gave me some great poses and the colors were so nice and clear.  The shapes of flowers determined as to which way they can eat.  This flower’s head required feeding with the wings closed.

Swinging his wings open was sure welcomed by me. The colors are so clear and the wings look unblemished as looks like a newly unfurled butterfly.

The changing of the moon’s position each night has helped me to see it more clearly as the days go by.  Mars show up clearly near to the sight of the moon but it won’t focus in for me to share. It is a reddish dot and they say is larger looking to us right now.

I am home today and will be doing various chores. A lawn mower may be pushed around a bit in  the back yard before it gets too hot. I have tomatoes to pick again today.  If I can get the roses trimmed back one more time I bet I can get some more blooms. It is borderline time for the seasons and it gets hard to try to keep things going as if it is still summer.  I have a peony bush to move today trying to find it a better place to grow in better dirt.  It is hard to find when clay soil is everywhere.  I keep store bought black soil around all of the time. I keep misspelling words and am a little blurry today so I will stop writing now.  I wish everyone to have a great day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wednesday’s Wings......

They are hanging around for now until the head south some more. It is entertaining to watch them when they fly and eat during a rain. I have yet to see on of the hummingbirds have a red ruby band on its neck.

It is the middle of the week and we are having a pretty nice day. Thanks for stopping by today.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tuesday’s Things.......

It is so great to be greeted by these flowers every morning.  The idea of having vines on a second story deck is sort of impossible but the longer the fall season last the more these vines will grow.

I had to move the begonia to the deck as it was getting too hot for them in the afternoon. Notice how well the miniature  roses are doing behind the begonia.  The roses really are small ones compared to the normal sized flower.
Our sunrise was great but the clouds were only in the area of the sun.  The rest of the sky has no clouds.

To my surprise in the afternoon the moon was already in view.  I still don’t understand all the movement of the earth and moon but this was not expected.

Easy evening it looked more like this and it was in clear view.  As the earth tilts back the moon is easier to see. I think I had to tilt the camera a little making the dark side of a moon looking to be at the wrong angle.

My sedum from the old place are blooming.  They are short this year but next year they will be tall.  The volunteer cockscomb looks nice contrasting with the pale pink.  All is going to get a watering this morning. I should have stayed on the watering on this garden but I guess I just got worn out from doing it.  Water is not going to save the petunias in that area.
One really can find lots of answers on the internet if you ask for it.  My old kitchen cabinets did not look good with my white semigloss  enamel paint.  It didn’t cover good and now once it is covered, I don’t like it.

I found on the internet that enamel that shines shows the uneven surface of things. The kitchen cupboards were originally plywood, shellac painted, home made cabinets.  I met the carpenter once when he worked for the phone company. They were painted a coat of a gosh awful mixed color of green before I bought it.  I have painted them two different colors in 30 years.  The white shows the uneven levels of so many coats of paint.  The net says that I can paint a satin kind of paint on top of it as long as the paint brand is the same.  The satin paint will not show any shine.

The history of this kitchen was one of a large cast iron sink and drain board.  The stove was apparently a wood burning cast iron, woodturning one.  The chimney marks still show on the cedar siding on the outside of that wall of the brick chimney. New cabinets must have been put in when city water was installed. The old sink in now in the basement and the plywood was a dated product of the 60s. When I sell this 1904 house, it will have an all white kitchen.  It will look good before I sell it.  Taking a day off from than and will do easy things today.  Thanks for checking in today.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Good Morning.....

The morning view was made up of a lot of broken up clouds.  There was a time that it had all cleared off but now we have bigger clouds that are not so scattered.

I shared this as a photo of a day.  The multiple vines are all blooming at the very same time. I had to shoot this through one of the living room windows.

The railing is a great place for them to vine and it will be easy to remove them after a couple of hard freezes.

Another batch of hummingbirds have moved into the area.  I think there are four or five of them in this group.

It is Monday and I have been out and about working at the old place.  We are going to warm up again today so that it will be uncomfortable outside. It is Monday and I hope your start of the week is going well.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Saturday’s and Sunday’s in One.......

The earth is tilting back. The sun is now back behind the tree that is way down the street.  The dead branch still is there and the one major cloud is casting a shadow in the sky. Yep, somehow I forgot to blog yesterday.  I don’t think blog is a verb but us bloggers have turned it into a verb.

If I had blogged yesterday you would see that I made sun tea in 90 degree weather. It is better tasting when it gets over brewed.

The other vines are creeping up onto the deck. They are a refreshing change of color.  The purple color is great but that is all that I had most of the blooming season. The purple ones bloom over in the corner of the deck.

Six days until it is officially fall. The season does usually blend back and forth for awhile before you can tell it is actually fall.  Right now we are having a hot summer. The grass has come back so I have to dodge the heat when I mow the grass. I now mow my westerly section of grass and the back yard when the neighbor on that side mows.  I now mow the easterly side of my yard, which is the front yard, when the neighbor of the east mows.  They are at different times up to a four day difference. It works for me so I don’t have to mow everything on the same day.  My woman who mows the yard at the old place mows every week no matter what, so she can keep some spending money coming her way.  That is such a luxury to have someone else mow that yard.

People don’t tip their hat anymore because men don’t wear the right kind of hat anymore.  I see hat tipping on PBS shows and it does look natural.  Hats come off for coffin viewing or people losing their lives.  The sunflowers are all now tipping down as the all are developing seeds causing them to all tip down.

We are living in the city now and it is official when some one gets shot and killed in our neighborhood.  A guy was stealing money from our grocery store’s filling station, a half mile away from us.  When he fled with the money, he ran towards our direction. a few blocks east of us and he pointed a gun.  Unfortunately his pointing a gun toward the police department gave them a reason to shoot back. We have cars stolen from people’s property a couple of blocks over also.  If you saw that neighborhood or street you would  understand that it is a tougher population than our friendly neighborhood.  We do have a foul mouthed guy and his wife who yell profanities up the street. a few house at each other.  I can learn some new old profane words from her when she is yelling at her husband’s latest bad move. The man just cusses out his garden hoses while he waters the grass.

Down the street we have different ages of adults.  Some have young kids and dogs. A couple of houses have college aged kids with dogs.  It is quiet down the street as you wander down the road to the true east and west road.  I think their is a minister that lives along that street and also I know at least one teacher puts out signs for pro education things. There is a large standard poodle living at the corner and just recently we saw this very large Saint Bernard dog that really could just jump his fence if he wanted to. I think our neighbors across the street are going to move away soon.

There is one house on the street where a guy who has too many old things. These three haven’t made it to the storeroom in the basement. I still like where we live and our little nook in the row of houses seems to be working for us.  I have caught up on my blogging now and I hope everyone is doing well.  Thanks for checking in today.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday's a Final Finish for the Week.

I have limited time to take photos so I have mostly only flower shots again. I will work on that as tomorrow I should be able to find something new to post.

The clouds are strange today.  They usually react to hurricanes on the east coast but this is allow have because of the heat coming from the south. It was a hot day with the southern winds blowing most of the day.
The morning skies did look like this.
I bought some miniature roses at a sale after a major flower giving event.  They wanted them out of the store so I got a good deal.  Once I planted them in this planter they started sprouting and growing like big flowers. They are so grateful not to be crowded  and look really good with many blooms ready to open.

The petunias started blooming again but they are never going to look as good as they once did.  We are seeing farmers picking corn now so I  guess the fall weather is upon us and it will be time to start clearing the flower gardens.

I spent time at the old place today painting in the kitchen. I am grumbling about paint and how it never wants to cover anything.  I can see three coats to really get a good looking paint job.  I can now see a job I was going to do in a day and a half will be twice as long. Things are looking better at the old place but I am getting impatient with all the nit picking jobs that I would like to do.

I wish you all to have a great rest of the day. Thanks for stoping by.