Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday's Drive By.........

Snow is on its way.  They are not definite about it but I know that it will happen.  My brain can not pull out the name of this plant but I think it might be a daylily.  I liked the sight of the leaves splayed out into a design.

Angel guy has made a move to being closer to the house. He sits on the porch right now where I can grab him and take him to the basement.  I still would like to get a photo of him with some snow on his head.

As I was walking Barnie yesterday afternoon I could see these leaves falling from the sycamore trees. They are so large that they look like the are bombing the neighbor's roof as it falls. Those leaves look like they are going to hold on for quite awhile through winter.

These field lilies are also looking pretty much spent.  I like the patterns on these plants also.

We spent a lot of our day yesterday buying a new car.  We felt spent by the time we were done.  We knew what we wanted for the car but the processes are amazing when you buy a car.  Our sales person was shocked to see how quick we pick out the car and more shocked that we wanted it now.  It takes three people to get a car purchased now.  The salesmen of course is the beginning of the process and the money man is the the middle man to be sure the car is paid for.  Then the young guy named Josh has to take an hour to explain all the electronic devices on the car.  I forgot that there is a conference session with the onStar people to get the tracking deices all set up and eventually paid for in the future. I am having problems shutting the engine off but the manual did tell me what to do.

I remember the ads in magazines of old with the older grey hairs were staring by they Buick car.  We are now those older people standing in the parking lot with our new sparkling white car.  It will be fun to use and to drive places in the future.  I think we will take it to the bookstore this morning instead of the Taurus. It definitely is not my fathers Buick.  In his case it was a Ford with a radio for electronics.  The new car seems to be a computer in motion.

Our weather is becoming ever-changing as we move into a true winter season.  A slight flurry is just a beginning of what will be coming our way.  I wish you all to have a great weekend.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Friday, December 2, 2016


The last burning bush shows off now even though the other two bushes have shed their leaves weeks ago. If it snows heavily, I will return to get a photo of it in the snow.

The decorative pear tree is just now dropping its leaves making red spots of color in the yard.

I have had this tree for quite a few years and this year is the first time I noticed it puts out a small fruit.  I suppose as the leaves fall and the freezing temperatures hang around that the berry-like fruit will shrivel up and leave.

The large sycamore leaves spread through the neighborhood as the winds blow them around.

The birdbath collects things and keeps some of the leaves green. It isn't a photo of clarity but it is a reflective pool to admire.

The last of my wood pile that I didn't get burned before the city burning deadline.  I may use it in the fireplace but I need to cut it up first into smaller pieces.

It is another business day for us and travel is required.  Retired life seems to be so busy and I am glad I am free to do the things that have to be done.  Thank you for stopping by today.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

It Is Time.......

December 1st and it is time to start the process.  The act of decorating itself is a treat for us as we like to have the house looking festive.  There is not a single decoration up or the manger scene taken out of the box but those things can happen quickly.  We had a skiff of snow yesterday with snow still on the roof now but not on the ground. I am threatening to make a list but I think I will just go with the flow for now.  Lots of things to do today and I will do the most important things first.  We are colder now and it is feeling like winter definitely when we go outside.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday's Minimal Post..........

When I am in a pinch and out of photos, I will just fall back on the grandkids' photos.  I am sharing a photo of an extinct mug now.  It was used at this restaurant but with a remodel the mugs went away to mug land. I don't remember the replacement mug but I don't think there was any chickens on them.

I worked outside for a while yesterday as it sort of warmed up.  I removed the tomato cages from the dead plants and I cleared a few phlox stems that were now just dead sticks. Leaves are mounded onto the roses.  I had a large dead piece of silver maple limb fall into the yard during our last windstorm.  I am glad it didn't fall on the roof of the house as there were some very large chunks that came down.  I had to use the wheel barrow to get the debris cleared away.  My neighbor was busy putting up lights on his house.  I was tempted tout a few lights up outside but then I came to my senses. I have a small Austrian pine that I may get a bunch of lights on before the snow flies and I have to wire framed deer that are lighted that will go outside but not right now.

Well it is going to be another busy day so I need to leave the net and get to work.  I wish all of you a great day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday's Things.....

Monday afternoon the sun was setting in the west and the light from it was illuminating the clouds in the east.  I went across the street and took a clear view of the scene. The tree clutter is from the fence row that sits between the foreground cornfield and the next set of fields in the distance.

It is interesting how a holiday season can quit so suddenly once the actual day is over and the dishes are all done.  The leftover napkins seem dated as if they really have to wait a year to become relevant again.  We will use them up quickly so that we can move on to the next holiday.

Our son comes from Chicago  with family and he usually hits the building centers on black Friday to pick up the cheaper poinsettia.  It does help our house to prepare for the Christmas season as it sits in the middle of the dining room table to announce the arrival of the new holiday and our need to start decorating.

 It is a work day for us with business to do and things to get done. I am going to be done with the project you see at right.  I had an interruption of substitute teaching which stopped all progress on the framing.  I did invent a shadow box frame from common pieces of trim boards and now everything is close to being assembled.  The hours I have spent on this would baffle the mind but I don't think about it. I really liked doing it but a lot of the work is just for free.  I will just be glad to get done.

It is Tuesday and thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, November 28, 2016

One More Day of Grandsons........

Wacky pancakes are always fun for little guys.  I am not so sure that the taste any better but AJ really was excited that he could order it.  His second choice was macaroni and cheese.

The youngest guy, Teddy, is now more than seven months old now.  I don't publish myself ever but it turned out to be a good hair day for me. People out there are saying, "What hair?" We had a great weekend seeing the boys and their parents.  Our son took the photos with his camera of perfect settings.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Tokens of appreciation for being a customer of a company usually comes in a form of a calendar.  But this one is a great gift to receive.  I am showing the back side as I don't want to give the company free advertising.  The small door is a clean out door for the old nests.  The house itself is made of flimsy wood but the roof looks like it can survive a hail storm.

The ladders got a workout yesterday as I installed eave troughs on my porch.  I had replaced the facing boards early in the summer ut never got the trough back up.  We had a warmer day so that I could get out to do that.  My neighbor had caught his small shed on fire by burning leaves too close to it; so I had firetrucks and traffic driving around everywhere while I was working.

They did get the shed fire put out but it took a long time.  It was a heavy barn-like shed with lots of dimensional lumber in it.  More solid forms of wood makes a more solid source of wood to burn.  The guy has a habit of throwing gasoline on leaves to get fires going.

My plan is to leave the garden angel outside this winter for the first part of it.  I like seeing the snow build up in its container and on her form.  I really am not wanting snow to come yet but I do know that I don't get to pick and chose.

Our Arlington Heights kids left on Saturday to return home.  We had a good visit, eating out for brunch on the last day before they headed home.  The two boys are really growing up fast and by Christmas I am sure they will make many changes. Today should be a good day for rest.  I hope everyone has a good day today.  Thank you for checking in on my post today.