Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, February 27, 2017

To The Dump......

Someone stole my Buick and put a dumpster in its place. I can keep it for the whole month.  I hope I am through with it  sooner than that but I guess we will have to see what happens.  I have my construction mess that was all outside on my porch now inside of the container.  I need to clear out the basement too so the box will come in handy.

It is a smooth clear sky that we see this morning.  It is cold but will warm up a little bit during the day.  I can see the results of the earth's tilt as the sun will soon be seen behind that pine tree. I don't think we will see any buds for another month.  Leaves will cover the whole scene by early April into May. That means summer will be on its way.

I shared this photo on my other  blog but I thought I should repost it here. The nook was a sink and cupboard area.  I removed it all and it left a neat reading area or office area for someone to fill.  I have a light to install and we have a couple of coats of paint to apply.  Buying paint can be a challenge when you buy a stock color and then they run out of the stock color.  I won't say much more about that. No matter how old I get, I can't keep ahead of complications that happen. The solution for this project would have been us becoming contractors and hiring drywall experts, painting experts, ceiling experts and flooring specialist.  That being a pipe dream we will get the job done.

My smaller sansevieria  is still overcrowded. I like the green color as is is very healthy in its crowded state.

I am going to downsize some of my plants when we move.  I have windows for them but a lot of them are  not going to move.  If I can find homes for them that will be great. I do have a very large cactus that won't move because of two grandsons that will visit us.  It is planted in a stoneware container that I do want to keep.

On to the jobs of the day which will include spending the day in the basement.  I know that I can find things that need to go into that dumpster and other things that need to be packed. I hope everyone is doing well today.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday Afternoon..........

My tin can collection is needing to be packed.  I will remember them as they are fun to have.  I guess steel-cut coffee was a special kind of coffee. It is interesting that they put a plantation on the can even though I bought that they grew coffee beans in the south.

An archived photo of Barney in his younger days. It looks like spring weather in this photo and Barney seems to be so alert to what is going on next door.

This is an archived photo of a house finch that was at my thistle feeder.  They seem to be plentiful on the north end of the town, where corn is spilled out while being process at the co-op.  We rarely seen them on the south side of town.

I hope everyone is having a restful day.  Our day is warmed up some but we have a sharp wind.  Thank you for stopping by today.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


I plant chives in containers and leaved them out in the winter.  They survive the cold and come back up in the spring.  This planting of chives is a couple of years old now.  They had been all frozen down and dead-looking but the warm spell made them perk back up again.

We are suppose to warm up to just freezing during the day.  It is very cold right now.  I was lazy and shot this through the living room window rather than venture outside.

Things that have changed around here can be listed.  I have a large dumpster sitting in the drive where the Buick usually sits.  I am dumping construction waste into it.  My wife and I painted out a whole gallon of paint yesterday onto the drywall and we ran out of paint.  I don't know what I was thinking being only one gallon because it will take about 3 gallon to give that whole area two coats of paint.  Now the dumpster is here, I have to start cleaning out the basement removing unnecessary items.  I have many things that can go to the landfill and I won't be missing it.

We plan to stay inside this morning and not travel until it warms up a bit.  Our area received lots of snow and frozen rain pellets.  It was not like that in the county below us.  When we venture out this afternoon the roads should look good down there.

I wish everyone to have a good weekend.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday's Posting....

The inside gallery area is a large room.  The west wall is a normal eight foot tall.  The ceiling slants up to a fifteen foot wall or taller.  I can't reach the top without this ladder.  I will show it all when I have the ceiling all repaired and restored.  We are going to start painting walls today.  I have an area that needs to be sanded, the support post and also a horizontal beam needs to be smooth out some.  Then all the dust from sanding will stop.

I took a photo of the new support post that is incorporated into the wall.  The photo is a bad one and when it is all painted I will share it so it will make more sense.  For now it looks like it is a haunted wall.

My two weather rocks share the story of what has been falling from the sky.  We have had thunder and strong winds all night.  It did finally quiet down and the frozen rain left pellets on the ground.  It is snowing right now. We are back to normal temperatures now, cold, and we shouldn't be surprised about it with it being February.  

We are getting tired of the rubble and disorder.  I look down at the dining room table and see the things waiting to be put into boxes.  Everything of every kind is laying on the table as it is headquarters for organizing things.  When I get the gallery done I will start moving all the boxes into that room.  

We did get our  taxes done yesterday for the most part. We had different things going on so the woman is getting a second opinion or the job she did with them.  We will have to return a second time to sigh papers and we can have that done for the year.   Thank you for all stopping today.  

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Grandson #1........

It has been four years since our grandson A.J.  was born. We received an email about it on the internet as we were having morning coffee.  It had been a long night and our son just texted us to get the information out there to the family.

He is such a good little guy who is always out there soaking in information.  We bought him the first large lego toy from us.  I am sure he has others but we know that the building block thing will really interest him. He is into monster trucks right now but I think he has them all on his toy shelves.  We do have to get creative to find something different for him.

I bought a new magazine at the bookstore last weekend.  I started my very first fish tank back in 1973. I had guppies and they did reproduce quickly.  I am dreaming that I will get back into the tropical fish world.  The magazine really had a lot of info about the sources of the fish and where they harvest them in the wild in many different countries.

People who are addicted to the aquarium world really do bug out their eyes when they see them floating around in tanks at the store.

I still have my goldfish so there won't be any switching over to the tropical ones soon.  It may happen at the beginning of this fall when winter again starts to rear its white head.

I haven't talked much about the project for a while but I have not wanted to talk about it.  I do think that I am close to having all the walls prepared for painting.  I had added a new support post which required all new gypsum plaster.  It takes a lot more time when you start from scratch.  I also had an area where we had a sink and cupboards for the studio part of the gallery.  That is all gone now and it left me a nook to rework with new drywall and patching of bad places in the existing drywall.  I won't photograph until the most of the ugly ceiling is covered up.  When I am done, there will be lots of photos.

It is tax time in our household this afternoon.  I am betting we will have more taxes to pay but we will wait and see.  I don't use my paycheck deductions as a way to have a saving account.  I did work a lot during this tax time so maybe I will just break even.  Whatever happens just will happens.

We are waiting for the snow to start.  The county to the north of us is in a storm warning area.  Since we are only 4 miles from that county line I am sure something will slop over onto us.  I guess the weather people think we have weather walls around us by telling us nothing will hit us, but I bet we will see white.

Thank your for stopping by today.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Good Morning Sunshine........

It is a hopeful day of having spring weather one more time.  Snow is on its way as the natural balance takes place.  It is nice to have the furnace retired for a while and it will go back into use by this evening.   We have no snow right now but that is good for us.  The maple tree and sycamore tree are our living sculptures without leaves.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday is on my Mind........

I attended Robert's funeral a month or so ago.  He had lived to be 100 years old. He is my sister-in-law"s dad who was a part of our family every since my brother married his daughter back in 1963.  I call this my Norman Rockwell photo as it tells such a story of who Robert was.  I think we were at my mom's funeral and all the ceremonies were finished.  Robert decided to walk the cemetery to see who was out there that he knew in his past. This was at the Murray Cemetery and he and his wife are buried at the Osceola, Iowa cemetery. The photo was taken in the summer of 2008.

A photo from my archive of a swan at the zoo.  He was irritated about all of the noise and splashing that the koi were doing.  The koi were fighting for fish food as they were being fed by visitors to the zoo.

An archived photo of my two grand dogs who live in Maine.  I guess there are a couple of cats in that group who are also my grand pets.

The gallery was a great place to display and sell our work. This is the corner of the room that I worked in all morning filling holes and cracks from the aging process of houses. I am certain that we will have a few walls that will become display areas in our new place.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a good rest of the day on this Monday.