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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday's Finish......

Time will tell when the sunflowers start to put on a bud and bloom. They are taller than I have ever grown before now.

They do get watered regularly because the sit so close to the zinnias and melons. They really did take off because of it. They were also planted late like everything else that I put out there so I don't know the time I have left to wait for them to bloom.

It is an almost focused shot of the moss rose and all but one are perfectly focused. They grow in the semi-shade of the deck so the heat doesn't bother them. They get sprinkled on when all the flowers are being watered.

The need for rain is still there.  I get tired of the watering routine and then know that I have to so I can see them healthy.  We are told that next week it will heat up again and I will need to stay on it.

The large pot of oxalis is back up and growing good again.  I need to dig some of the and put them in smaller pots.  The large pot can shut down so fast because of lousy watering practices and then I have to bring it back to life again. I takes weeks for that.

I have a new rose bush that is about to put out blooms for its first time for me.  It was a pathetic looking plant but it really has turned around. Photos will follow when the buds open.
The house has its new roof completely installed.  I went up there this morning and the shingle guy had vacated the place taking all of his trucks and stuff back home with him.  I am sure  he just took it all off to another house that needed new shingles.  He did a great job on it making some problem areas on the roof look like new.  I checked to see if he got the bay window done and he did. I will try to take a camera with me next time to show the work he has done.  I now have to deal with finding a painter and someone to help me fix some bad siding. My knowledge and skills are still intact but I just can't get a break from the arthritis in my hands.

Our day is sunny and mild today. I don't think rain is any where in the area.  We could use some more moisture. It is Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend. Thanks for checking in on my  post today.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Yellow to Orange........

I am confused about this yellow thing in the garden. It is either a squash or maybe just a pumpkin. From the net I found info that says it will turn orange eventually if it is a pumpkin. I am thinking that Arlan the former owner threw a halloween pumpkin out on the garden to be tilled in to enrich the soil. It may be how the muskmelon got into the garden also.  I have a new count on the muskmelon and hey are now 7 in number. I am feeling good that now zucchini or cucumbers developed in the garden.

It was hazy and damp outside and it seemed to be the perfect to capture flower photos. The sun makes things too bright and light and the hazy day was just right to get good color.

The cloud formations did not give us any rain.  I had to zoom in to get this shot and the forever present neighboring house roof has to be in the shot.

The goldfinches seemed excited this morning about the seed sock.  They were waiting in line to get onto the feeder. The one little guy is getting his yellow feathers as he matures into an adult bird.

I reworked my antique nook again, placing my Grandparents lamp on the chest of drawers. I couldn't get the stain of the old oil out of it and had to look it up on the net on what to do. I haven't done it yet but the writer of the blog said to use Dawn detergent to break up the old oil in the globe. Hot water and soap will dissolve it. I had tried painter thinner and that did not budge it.  I will report back once I get on it. I have another kerosene lamp like this that is heavily stained. I know that they use Dawn to remove oil from ducks and turtles when there is an oil spill.

I continue to find containers in the workshop storeroom that we moved, that has some interesting things in them. The last minute time of tossing things while moving into a plastic box causes one to have containers of various objects.  I found an old Bible printed in 1862.  I am sure it came from my dad's collection of things from the old house he bought.  I will photograph it later and share more about that family history that I keep uncovering of the abandoned house.  My wife pointed out that the book was published during the period of the Civil War.

I have a lot of photos to share but will hold on to them for now. I have been taking time off for my hands to heal up.  I am staying away from the older house and just letting the shingle guy do his thing.  I can imagine that he might be done today but will wait to go up and see tomorrow. There were some major weathering problems on the front roof of the house and he said he would rebuild it all with new sheeting.  It is so much easier to fix by the shingle guy as he strips off all shingles so patching can take place easier. I could never have done that myself.

Thanks for stopping by today to visit the post.  Have a great day. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Wednesday morning and there is a suggestion of a sun shining behind those clouds.  Rain is sort of predicted in places in the state but clouds will prevail.

This is a work in progress.  The nook will be an antique spot in the lower level of the house. I haven't really yet cleared and stored the items on the top of the dresser.  Taking the photo at an angle sort of helps make it look more junky than it really is. The calendars on the side walls are shown below.

I rescued some old calendars that have fine prints attached to them.  The year was 1922 making them 92 years old. The quality of the print is great and a remarkable kind of printing process. I really should put them in a shadow box to protect them but that is another project of the future. I don't have any of my framework tools set up like I did when I had the frame shop at the old house.

This calendar is older, being 104 years old. I am not sure what bible story is being depicted here but again the kind of print is done so well for the process available back in 1914.  The picture is made separately and attached to the calendar. I really don't understand why someone had placed masking tape over the dates but I am assuming they wanted to keep the picture on the wall after the calendar expired.

Another visual is framed in a metal frame with a gold mat. It is another shepherd watching the flock. I really do not know where I attained this piece.  It may have been in my dad's stuff that he removed from an old house that he later tore down.

The former owner of my truck was so certain that the back wheel had bad bearings.  He had the part for me and sent me to a company downtown Des Moines to have it repaired.  The Axel company said there was absolutely nothing wrong with that truck on either side.  They didn't want to charge me for the time but the office woman said the guys really liked Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen.  So while on an errand today, I will buy some boxes of Dilly Bars and drop them off.  Life is interesting and I think it is kind of fun. My good will of Dilly Bars makes everyone happy and I didn't have to put out more to work on a truck that didn't need work.  The more I think about the former owners concern about the sound coming from the truck actually it is probably the clunky tires that they have on it in the back.

It is the middle of the week and I have stayed away for the old house now for two days.  I am hoping that when I return on Thursday that the house will have a completely new roof. It is looking so good and the color that my wife picked out looks so good on that house.  I have lots of things to do everyday and I just have to pick out which ones I want to do  Thank you for stopping by today.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tooooooosday Morning......

As much as he fluttered I was privileged to capture somewhat of an image.  He is a giant swallowtail. I had to look him up to know which kind of swallowtail that he would be. He looked like a bird flopping around out there when I first saw him.

I just took quick, blind shots as I couldn't wait to see if it was focused. It flitted in and out so quickly. I had dozens of painted lady butterflies on the zinnias during the warm part of the day. I watered the flowers last night knowing that it doesn't take much for flowers to shut down when there is no rain.

While watering plants last night I noticed that I could officially start harvesting tomatoes. The larger one is the first for me from that variety.  It was low near the ground and I almost missed picking it with all the foliage. The pear shaped ones are really a sweet tomato.  We do need to buy some bacon and lettuce.

I am going to get this plant into the ground this morning. I am tired of trying to keep it alive because it isn't planted in real soil. I need to find a protected area for it, and yet I see that someone has planted rows of the off the main street north of us along the vast open ditch area.  Maybe any place will do.

This small piece of land in next to the garage and the hosts really are struggling there. I am suspecting the heat of the cement is too much.  I may get a daylily in there and move the hosta out of there. The large rock is a giant agatized rock from our family farm in southern Iowa The glaciers must of drug in down there as that is not a naturally formed rock in our area.  My dad brought it to town when he moved away from the farm and I now have it.  I think it even has a slice sawed off of it with him trying to get agate jewelry stones form it.

I have time today to go work in the store room.  I still have a few things to unpack and a lot of things to get organizes. You can see with this still life that things are just being set randomly on shelves until some organization can be found.

I am staying away from the old place for a few days to let the shingle guy do his job.  He consented to finish up some of the damaged areas on the front north side of the house for me and I am just going to not do it anymore. Joel is very good at what he does consented to fix the roof an porch roof connection before he shingled.  I will have to return to get busy but for now I am going to let the guy do his magic.  The new sections that are done look for really good.

We are out of sync today as we took down the truck to downtown Des Moines today, early morning.  It needs to have a bearing repair on one axle and the place is down in the older part of Des Moines.  It sits near the Meredith Corporation where a lot of home and garden magazines are published.  You are familiar with Better Homes and Garden and probably have seen a lot of other magazines that they print out. It is a very old part of town and there were streets closed for new buildings being erected,  making our caravan trip an interesting one.  My wife said that she had never ever driven downtown before but she did very well following the Tundra truck to our destination. The front of the building is  modernizes some but the building is an old 1900's garage.

I am taking more pictures than I can manage to share.  I will just throw in zinnias visual whenever there is space.  Thank you for stopping by today.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Bone Dry......

We really do need rain. We are drought stricken after having a very wet spring. I try to water every day or day and a half to keep flowers and melons alive.

There was an opening in the clouds this morning.  I didn't have a clue that we would break into  a rain  session but we did.

The rain really doesn't count if it doesn't last over 5 minutes. The line of showers in Iowa was north of our I-80 and they did get good amounts of water. We had a sprinkle that did wet the deck for a few minutes. It should be done for the day now.  Sooner or later we will get back to normal rains in our area.

Barney is so much better.  I have been hinting to some bloggers that he was down, with his back legs giving him problems.  He refused to walk or get up on his back legs for two days.  In the middle of the night or early Sunday morning I could hear the patter of four feet working on the bedroom floor.  I got up at one o'clock in the morning  and immediately took him outside without any problems. He still favors that back leg but nothing is as bad as it was.  He has done this at the old house for a few days off and on the past couple of years. It is so difficult to work with him when he is like that.

Down the street after the slight sprinkle I can see the clouds that are gong to clear. We were at the bottom of that front and it is to be gone in another hour.

I am headed to the old house today. The front porch has some problems that I can help with in repairing but some of it will just have to be done by my roofer. My shingle guy is a former student of mine. We have known his parents the past 30 years and he has been in the business for 15 years now. I believe he foresaw the repair work on that porch roof and made the adjustments in the bid to cover it, but I do feel I need to do some work where I can do it. The newer parts of the house that are newly shingled look so good.

Summer is going by so quickly for us.  We have had a busy life and it seems we are so far behind with the old house. I remember when we worked on my parents house that it reached a certain time when we just said,"this is done." I am sure getting the house ready will be much the same way.

I hope everyone had a great day today.  Thanks for checking in on my post.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunshine Today.....

My volunteer morning glories are meager in number of vines but the blooms are glorious.  Having not know they were there and having not weeded out the area, I allowed them to grow.

The photo was taken while looking down form the deck. I keep wondering how tall will they grow. They were planted late in the season but they seem to be doing just fine. The birds are hitting this area for a number of reasons.  The larger birds seem to be working picking off the bugs from the leaves and flowers. The finches seem to find parts of the flower to eat.

The patterns of the painted lady and the fuzzy body of the butterfly helps to make my photo to seem very blurry. The painted lady butterflies are flocking to the zinnias.  The zoom in quickly and leave quickly so having one stay still is rare.

I thank you for checking in on my post today. I hope everyone has a great day.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday's Stuff.......

The photos I could have of birds, butterflies and bees would be plentiful if I were to sit all day out there and waist.  The goldfinches are pulling something off of the zinnias to eat.  When they land on the flower the whole stem and flower swing up and down like a carnival ride,

The sun was too bright and the butterfly would flitter around making it almost impossible to capture his photo.  They do stay put once in a while to soak in the warmth of the sun so I was able to get this shot. The painted lady butterfly seems to be doing well this year as I have seen a lot of them in the garden. I think it has been a few years since I took any photos of them as I had to look it up on the net to check its name.

My moss rose is doing well in its graniteware pan but I can't seem to get a good photo of it. I need to try taking a shot of the blooms on a different time of the day. I have traditionally planted the moss rose in this pan for a lot of years now. All of the plants I bought this year seemed to be in a definite color scheme.  No reds and yellow flowers in this batch.

My garden hose is too short by about four feet to be able to reach the far side of the raised bed.  I shoot up into the air with the hose and get this side water less than I should . I  found the one tomato plant on that side was suffering from the droughts so this side got a lot more attention these past few days.  The surrounding flowers really did respond.

The large marigold seem to be the Japanese beetles favorite flower next to the zinnias. Even though I have kept them killed daily their visiting the blooms really has cause the blooms to die. It is like they left a poisoness residue on them.

While at the old place yesterday I noticed many dead leaves in the yard that had been eaten by the beetle. I still had plenty of maple leaves on the trees but I also had a thick coating of eaten up leaves on the yard. My neighbor at the new place has a set of roses bushes out on the corner of our adjoining lots where the beetles showed up in a day and devoured the leaves from the roses.  I found them first and sprayed them and he returned later to spray them again.  I noticed them as I could see them having in my apparatus fonds.

I bought this for a few bucks a couple of weeks ago and it is now blooming for me. I had this variety at the old place and maybe moved some down but I am not certain.  It will  be great to see it blooming next summer.

The zinnias give me too many chances to get great photos.  I really don't get them all shared as I think I am saturating my blogs with them too much. If  you are a regular follower you know that I didn't have a single zinnia growing anywhere last year.  It is like a kid getting to have candy after a year's wait.

There are normal Saturday things to do for today.  I am glad to have a day off from working on the old house. My body definitely tells me I am too old for the kind of work that I am doing.  I wish everyone well and to have a great weekend.