Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, September 22, 2017


The sun is starting to sleep in more as the earth tilts back for our winter season. It is noticeable when you go out on the deck at about the same time in the morning. The sun is behind the big tree in the middle but it will keep on moving right in the photo as the days keep happening.

The honeysuckle vine is blooming again.  I am not familiar with  the shrub so seeing it bloom and rebloom is  a bonus. The red to orange color with the fan shaped sets of flowers makes it an interesting to see.

Hiding in the marigolds helps the pear tomatoes from being found.  The variety really has been a fun one to have.  The are really sweet and also fun to give away to friends.

Our son and daughter-in-law took a trip north of their Chicago area home to visit Door County in Wisconsin.  I will share some of their photos to show how the boys have grown.

Father is teaching son how to fish.  Our son really likes to fish in Minnesota.  I see A.J. has his own rod and reel now.

Little brother, Teddy, sure loves his big brother.  The photo definitely shows the age difference of three years and that they both have really grown.

I took a trip up to to the old place this morning, delivering supplies for some work that I need to do.  I didn't stay that long as it is too hot to work outside.  I needed to get the truck emptied out so I wouldn't be carrying things around that will move around while I drive. It is Friday and I am needing to water things soon in flower pots. A day like today will dry things out a lot. The swampy area around our lake are all dried up.  The pelicans are still on the lake but I don't have pictures to share.

Thanks for checking in on my post today.  Have a great day.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


The New Guiena impatient plant struggled with our summer weather.  It just didn't stay blooming like some years.  It is now blooming again after a hot spell. Maybe I may have to bring it inside the sliding glass door to give it some air conditioned air. My parents always had one hanging planter of New Guiena plants every summer. I think the market has weakened on them as you don't see them for sale in most places.  It is a sensitive grower and busy people today probably don't have time to work with the plant. My parents usually had one with a solid color bloom.

This area next to the bottom of the stairs is a new garden.  Three out of four of these will come up next spring.  The hardy geranium was growing among the tomatoes and was lost in the jungle.  So I moved it out and it just now is starting to bloom again. The day lily and the hosta plants should blend in together as they mature.

This rose was such a sick looking thing when I bought it but its one bloom made me buy it.  It now has ten or more blooms on it. If it is hardy like the label says, it should be a good addition to the backyard. At this time I have only red roses.  I may dig one more rose from the old place that has small pink blooms.

Having not finished my first full  growing season on this property makes it fun to plan for the future of the gardens.  I still have to plant my daffodil bulbs and tulip bulbs.  I am not sure where I can plant them unless I clear a new plot.

My sedum at the old place is blooming right now.  This start of it has regrown since being eaten by rabbits.  It was protected by the vines.  Now that the vines are cleared away I can see it is doing well.  It may get moved now that I have time to decide where I want it to be.

I still want to get some starts of peonies from my wife's parents place and my grandmothers red peony.  There are commercially purchase peonies here at the new place but the varieties are just not as nice as the old fashioned peony plant.

We are having tropical weather right now.  It is hot and very humid. Friday is suppose to be one of our hottest days. The clouds are plentiful and some formations are unusual. These kind of clouds last evening had broken up into patches making an unusual pattern.

I saw a bluejay this morning headed for my neighbors pine tree.  I have not seen them all summer.  I will start feeding the birds in October and will maybe see the cardinals and bluejays again.  I saw a cardinal at the old place the other day but there have not been any around here all summer.  With all the trees surround our neighborhood there should be some out there to eat at my feeder again. We have migrating birds coming through on our lake right now. I can't see them when I cross the bridge but they are too far up the way for pictures.  There is a swampy area north of the bridge and there is no road to that area.  I did see swans one morning at a closer distance and we have seen pelicans flying over us a couple of times. I am surprised that the locals with boats are not taking photos.

It is Thursday and I have a few things that can be done.  I nay not do all of them but I do have lots of choice. In many ways we still are moving in, but things are so much better. Thank you for stopping by today.   Everyone take care.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Middle Day of the Week......

I posted in my blog for a year or so a sansevieria plant that had grown into an over loaded pot of sansevieria plants. A few weeks ago I finally dumped it all out on the ground and started breaking all the individual plants into pieces.  I replanted these two in some antique painted pots.  I remember when they use to sell them like this. I don't know how I inherited them but I have a few of them.

I picked a few sprigs of lavender and placed them on the top step of my new stairs in the garage. I share pictures of the stairs even though they really aren't that special.  But I have family members who check out the blog and I want them to see what they look like now. Our boys helped move us into the house and they did have to maneuver up those old steps. The differing heights of the steps was the most frustrating of their design.

These steps are the way that they should have been built in the first place. The original step was narrow and shallow making it hard for both of us to carry things into the house from the car. When I look around the neighborhood I can see that construction companies have built steps for patios to the house that  consist of simple risers and two lengths of boards. I think the savings of money on the labor and materials is a shame when they charge so much for their houses,

I plan to put an outdoor carpet on the top of each step to make it softer to walk up and down them.

While outside, I found that the sedum from the old house is taking hold in the ceramic foundation block.  I will have to keep adding soil for a while until the column of dirt has settled. The whole garden area in that corner is really developing into a nice looking area. I have planted coneflowers there to add to the already growing plants.  You can see the lily of valley is creeping into that area too. The oxalis are in a pot.

My goal is to get that golden privet to grow big enough to cover the gas meter. It was a badly placed shrub at the old place so I dug it and brought it to the new place  That rock garden surface is something I have to deal with from the former owner. I removed as many rocks as possible and dumped top soil into the hole. The hosta plants that I planted in the same area are doing pretty good there but one hosta just isn't happy with the rocks.  I think that by next spring it will come alive and grow there.

We haven't been here for a half of a year yet so I just need to garden as I go to get it to be what I want it to be.  I still have my bulbs to get planted and I am not sure where they are going to be put.

Well I think I will shut down this "show and tell" for now.  I am dealing with a computer that doesn't want to download photos from the camera.  The program is reworking itself to make the iPhoto and photos program on the computer to more compatible. I have a sign that says "closing the library" running continually.  I looked it up and others with the same computer said it took 14 hours to get it to finally adjust itself.  I did find a way to ignore the photos application and I think that it was faster in the long run

I hope all are doing good out there.  Thanks for checking in today.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday's a Go.........

We probably had a great sunset but this is all I could see. Living down the hill does limit the view at night.

The opening in the clouds does show that the sun is sending out a glow. We have been cloudy the last couple of days and this morning it is foggy.

I saw another iron stand like this at an antique store.  The owner said that it held a fuel tank which was then piped to a furnace.  I guess the fuel needed to be elevated so it could use gravity to send the oil into the furnace. It has been a form of a birdbath for me ever since I pulled it from my dad's garage but it does seem a little junky for the front yard.

We visited a different neighborhood in our town on Sunday that I really admired.  I won't move there but the whole development is full of great looking houses with mature trees. The street winds around with tall trees along the road and everyone has great landscaping. My neighborhood is young but the feelings of the majority seems to be have a minimal landscape.  My two neighbor's have mention in a subtle way that they didn't like my two trees next to the street. One even said that it hangs on its leaves too long in the fall. The neighborhood we visited will have lots of leaves to rake and it will look so great there this fall. I was please to see a young couple up the street planted large new trees in the front and backyard. Those trees will grow up to be large trees.  I may do the same thing.

I picked the pumpkins from my volunteer vines.  The vines were dead so I just cleared all of the vines from the garden.  It looks better now.  I can now see all the iris that I had brought from the old place.  They are growing well there but I do want to move them to a better location.  It was a temporary planting zone as I kept brings some down each time I visited the old place.

I may have to give in and buy one of those hundreds of pots of mums thats they have for sale at the grocery store. We normally don't do a fall decoration but the pumpkins may change the tradition. You can see one muskmelon out there on the ground. The last one that I picked tested bad so I should get that one opened up to see its destiny.  It would be nice if it were a good one.

I apologize to my blog friend Mildred that we didn't buy any of your Georgia peaches.  I bought California ones yesterday and we will wait to see if they ripen to be good peaches. The Georgia ones are gone.  I know I need to get these into a brown bag to help the ripening to happen. My wife said they remind her of making a peach pie, so I am glad that I bought them.

I finished assembling my set of stairs in the garage.  It makes the whole process of entering the kitchen so much easier. The steps are wider and deeper with each step being at the same height.  I did add another handrail support on the wall to help steady us in our walk up the stairs.  I will paint them and then will place a outside carpet material on the steps to finish them.  I am thinking that the original steps were pretty simple when the house was first built.  I am also thinking the version we had were made by our previous owner cobbling them to a better state.  I am hoping the ones I built will stand the test of time.

I keep picking ripe tomatoes but I think I will have to start picking green ones to be brought inside for ripening.  I have a lot of green large ones out there but they don't seem to be turning color at all. The yellow pear variety keeps producing those wonderful sweet snack tomatoes.

I am on my way to the old place today. Thanks for stopping by today. Everyone have a great day.

Monday, September 18, 2017


With our house sitting twisted to true north, you can only see the light from the sitting sun. The house and the clouds show us the last light of the day.  The house on the right even shows how high the sun is still in the sky.

It was an unusual cloud formation of which a meteorologist probably could name with an unusual identification label.

Heads of the sunflowers are swelling with developing seeds. It distorts the shape of them some as they bow with the weight of the seeds.  The pattern is amazing as the rows of seed can be seen. There is a mathematical term for the pattern of the seeds and once I get the info together I will be showing that.  The design is a God's perfect design which is evident in a lot of things in our created world.

The air is needed in our house as Barney really does need the house to be cooler than what humans want.  I now have a fan blowing on him  all night as he sleeps, to keep him perfectly comfortable. In the morning ,with it being cool outside, our house is just plain cold.  I heat the living room with the fireplace when it is like that.  It doesn't take ten minutes to get the room comfortable. Barney of course thinks it is too warm, so finds a cold hardwood floor to lay on to rest.

There are a combination of reasons the dog needs it to be colder but we want to make it good for him.  His walking around has improved the past few days.  He still can get down in is back legs as the day goes on, and he struggles to get up to move.  He and I have a routine down now that helps him get on the ramp to the steps and then up two steps.  Now that he has learned the new routine is less painful for him, he requires a lot less living by me and more of his jumping one step at a time.  Barney is over 14 years old now and its is tough for border collies at that age.

I am running in low gear today so not much will be done by me today  I am picking the pumpkins today and clearing the dead vines.  We never have pumpkins for Halloween but maybe this year we can do something with them. They are gourds I understand but preparing them for pie filling seems like too much work for an older person like me.

I need to stop the chatter today.  I am glad our Florida blog person living alone is safe and sound. It was a tough season for her and in-laws took her to their conccrtet home.  That was so great as she was not along nor in harms way.  Her cottage survived and trees limbs will need to be removed for a long time.  She had flowers trying to squeeze out some blooms inspire of all the rain.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great Monday, everyone.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday with Rain......

We definitely did need the rain that came in the night. We really had not had a rain for twenty days. My grass seed is now poking through the ground and I won't have to water it today. It was an inch and a quarter in measurement.  It must have been a hard driving one as the knockout roses look stripped down from the dead petals being removed. Petunias sure don't like that kind of rainfall either.

The knock out roses had taken another turn in blooming.  This is a shot from two days ago. It keeps me busy cutting off the dead blooms.

I cut these back in July, removing the buds.  I should have cut back further as I have blooms now that are at two different stages.  New blooms with the older faded blooms make it has a uniform uneven set of flowers.

For those who followed me for a few years, know that we ran a frame shop in our home for almost thirty years. This is an older folding leaf  table that is at the newer house. It is  to be used for cutting mats only. It is in our furnace room/workroom.  Our old counter for our shop was demolished.  The mat cutter is attached to the table so there will be no movement, hoping to have square cutting every time. We had worn the cutter out and I had to piece meal it all back together so we can still use. We cut our very first mat Thursday for a dog portrait that my wife was commissioned to do. It performed well of me making everything square.
It is sort of a normal Sunday for us except for one thing.  We are taking my wife's Sunday school class out for pancakes this morning.  They were offered a choice and the pancake place was their pick.  The girls are all tried generation children of Cambodian refugees from the Vietnam war era. They love Asian food but by third generation, they eat about everything other children do here in America.

The sculpture's personalized flower is looking unusual now with the volunteer zinnia sprouting out many more blooms. We have sunshine now after the rain and it all looks good outside.  We will stay cooler today with comfortable temperatures.

Thank you for stopping by today.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Day Off......

The seed pods of this flower are so interesting to see.  I don't really understand why it needs al those projections on them. Do you know what flower that it is?

From the house I could see that the white clematis had put out three more blooms.  It is in the seed pod stage and bloom stage at the same time. The fly was not a planned part of the photo and would have brushed it away if I had seen it.

We don't like to eat much rhubarb but the three plants that I have just won't stop.  I watched a neighbor pulling it and promptly putting it his garbage.  It seems like a good solution. I dug one plant up completely to give away to a friend and I see that I didn't get it all dug out.  It now has grown up bigger and better than ever.

My neighbors to the northwest have taken an idea from my displaying of Canada geese.  I could see around the corner of there fenced flower garden area, the head of a Canada peeking around the corner. There knock out roses are coming back from the beetles and drought time. They have their entire area covered with rocks to stop a single weed from coming through.

My final photo to share is this zinnia.  It has the top center in focus and the rest of it is unfocused,  I didn't plan it that way but it does make for an interesting effect.  It is Saturday and I hope everyone is good.  Thanks from stopping by today.

Friday, September 15, 2017

No Photo Overload this Time......

I did not notice at the time but the dove is sitting there with his tail in the water. It sat there for a long time but I still could not get the perfect focus on him. Shooting through an upstairs window does give me a disadvantage.

This is one of those, "you should have been there" moments.  Yesterday morning while out with Barney in the front yard there was morning twilight. The moon was clear white, a planet was clear white and a dozen stars were twinkling. The angle was just perfect for the rising sun to reflect off of them. Of course, when I went to the back yard deck, the angle changes and all you can see is the moon. I am not sure that I ever have seen a morning twilight before yesterday.  I think I read that some places where there was a full eclipse that they saw daylight twilight.

The sunrise had a gentle low set of colors this morning. The larger tree on the right has a dead branch on it that became my focal point on my Photo A Day blog this morning. Zooming in on this view gave me a completely different set of colors and light.

We are having great weather right now for hardy geraniums. Maybe not for all geraniums but this posted one is really liking the light and extra water I give it.  This plant has been blogged about probably over three  years now.  I am sure my regulars are saying to them selves, "move on buddy".

I am looking forward to a lot of different jobs today. I hung a peg board in my basement yesterday and now have the task of filling it up with tools.  I have been needing one installed but was not getting board of holes purchased. While picking up wood for the stairs on Wednesday, a pile of four foot square pieces were sitting right in front of me.  It was the time to ponce and bring it home.

I hope all are well out there.  I know that there are still forest fires out there that our press is choosing not to cover. I know that many people have lost their homes.  One blogger I keep praying for as she sits in the middle of it all and did stay in her home.  I am trusting that her problem is electoral outage and keep watching for her on the blog.  Thank you for stopping by the post today.  Everyone take care .

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Summer Views.........

The view out our downstairs guest room has a different angle on things.  I now am realizing that I need to keep watering things.  We didn't get the hurricane caused rain as it went east of us.  We have not had rain for a long time. The tomatoes sure could use it and I suppose the zinnias will last longer too. The grass has come back but still has a lot of dry spots.

One completed project was a shelf in our downstairs family room/art studio.  The arrangement on it right now is a temporary one as we really haven't moved things into any permanent arrangement. We wanted to use the shelf to hold artwork and it will probably do that as we keep deciding about the space.

I bought the brackets and a board.  The brackets take some real time to figure out how to install to stud walls and to get the level.  I finally measured from the ceiling down to get a level line for them.  I did have to fill a lot of holes and touch up the paint on the walls to get this job done.  I randomly bought a board for it and had to go back and buy one that was not made of pine.  If you get the brakes level the board should be of hardwood so a straight board can lay level.

This was an original shelf that was where the white one is now.  I had the brackets left over from years ago and I could not find anymore of them. I had them on the wall and it looked strange without enough brackets.  However, over the bed, it looks good. My wife has a lot of her doll collection in the guest bedroom and this shelf works great. The shelf is actually a recycle piece that came off of a desk unit that we threw away at the old place. While tearing that desk apart I notice that it was too go to be sent to the landfill.

My wife always checks my pockets before she washes my clothes.  I did remember to do this myself after working at the old place Tuesday.  I thought the sight of all the fasteners in the glass coaster seemed incongruent. I don't seem to have my work carpenter apron anymore so all the nails and screws go into my pockets. When standing on a ladder or step-ladder it helps to have nails ever present or you have to go up  and down the steps too many times. I have it down to if it is a smooth nail or a rough nail in my pocket, so I don't have to sort them outside my pocket.

While watering this morning I will refresh the bird bath.  The old-fashioned chicken waterer is there so I am always having water out there if I don't get the whole bath filled.  Those glass chicken waterers are now sold as plastic. I have shots of a dove that chose to sit on the ledge of the birdbath for avery long period of time.

Yes the tacky looking speaker is in the photo too. We bought a palm for out living room to fill a blank spot between two pieces of furniture. The electric outlet between the two seemed to be an accent to the wall and it looked bare. We bought the pot at the same place. The palm actually had real dirt, potting soil, so I just had to add a few inches of dirt around the roots.  It makes sense that a plant the size would live in those soil mixes with very little soil in them. The stores would not be able to keep them alive as they sat in the store.

We still haven't hung any paintings in the living room.  The one above the fireplace is going to get a nail and hang from the wall soon.  We both agreed it was the perfect fit so we will hang it. Our stairway to the basement has a big blank wall which we can hang things on but it will be a daredevil deed.  The former owners left two hooks in that wall  that held a quilt banner. We won't be doing that. I will have to figure out a ladder system to get the hooks down and then we can decide if anything will go on that large blank wall.

I am taking another day off from working at the old place. My stairs project is still ongoing and I have bulbs to plant.  Resting is suppose to be a part of my plan today.  We will be hotter today than yesterday.  I wish everyone a good day. Thanks for checking out my post.