Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Middle of the week....

I do remember when the men landed on the moon.  I came home from working, washing dishes, at a truckstop and it was on the television. My mom had decided to have people come over to play cards and there was a house full of people at ten thirty at night.

I found some oak millwork at the lumberyard.  It is refinished so all I had to do was cut it to lengths and glue them together.  They are going to be hung in our bedroom.  We have been in the new home for two and a half years and we are still making decisions about where to hang things.

This is a closer look of one of the paintings with then new oak frame.

One of the first zinnias to bloom.  They plants are at a wide variety of ages with some six inches tall and others tall and blooming.

The second bloom is here.  In less than a week I should have dozens  of blooms.

The petunias have really grown in the past few weeks.  These are planted next to the hardy geraniums and it is a large pink spot of color.  They blend in so much that they are really noticed among the pink geraniums.

We have received some rain this Wednesday morning and it was really needed. We haven’t had rain for a long time. My yard was turning brown and that seems too early in our summer season.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Missed a Day....

I missed a day of blogging.  I guess I was too busy watching the birds. I had filled the bird bath and the dove was enjoying it.

The day was a busy one for sure as I was out buying sand and working on picture frames.  I didn’t work at the house yesterday and I did not go today because I had lifted sand.
My mums had started to bloom as I missed pruning them back on the fourth of July.  They were all trimmed back Monday and the scraps went to the dump yesterday afternoon.  I also pruned off the dead roses on the knock out rose.  I had a lot to cut back as the early rains made them bloom out more than usual. I filled a couple of buckets full to get that job done. Already the roses were starting to bud again so I had to be careful not to remove buds. I learned that early on when I could see I was taking buds off.

This is what it all looks like afterwards but it has to be done.  I know they will come back strong and flower later on in the fall. Doing that job on both roses and mums does put a crick in the back.  Hovering for long periods of time can get painful.
The memory banks at my age seems to be scrambled.  Not two days ago I was bemoaning the fact that the large Asian lily didn’t make the move. At the foot of the stairs outside I see that I placed it in a place of prominence. I did have an orange one jus like it but it just didn’t survive at the old place.  I know that I have lost some of my cemetery iris in the move but I will survive.

Next to the large lily is the hosta that is putting out great blooms. All of my hosta plants are in bloom right now.
This tiger lily is back.  It is a different from of it but I don’t remember the name.  I have three stalks of it so I will be sharing a lot of photos of this.

We had a lot of commotion outside yesterday when the neighbor was having his roof replaced.  There were dozen of men taking off old things and they started reshingling as the old on the other side was being taken off. There were a good variety of men from all races there but the Mexican music was predominate. One young guy was the trash man and he spent his day picking up all that was tossed on the ground during the process.  He was still picking up piece 12 hours later as they were finishing up the job.

My neighbor thinks he had hail damage and he got insurance to pay for most of it. We were not home at the time of the hail so I didn’t see what happen.  If we had hail damage I can’t see it as the shingles are fading anyway.  The neighbor said our shingles are nine months newer than his as he saw ours go on the roof in 2004.

It was a very hot day and men wore long sleeves to keep from scratching their skin.  Some wore bandannas and when we looked out yesterday we could see all sorts of figures doing the work on the roof.

It reminded us of when the sunroom and deck was put on but we had a lot of less people shuffling around.  Our noise was for nine days as theres was a lot less time.  I am in wonder how I forget to blog yesterday but I don’t go back to fill the gap.  I had plenty of photos to share for yesterday but it just happen.  Thanks for checking back in today to see me return.  Have a great day.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday’s Stuff.....

The hot air help to create many different patterns in the cloud. This morning’s view is almost the same as this last night's view. Our week is a promised heat wave with very little cooling down at night.

Hardy geraniums like heat but they don’t like their soil drying out too much.  I try to water them every other day.  I looked out the evening before and I could see the variegated dogwood was showing heat stress problems.  I had to water everything to bring them back.

I have found a new plant since the old deck was removed and the sunroom was put it.  I guess it was growing under the then stairs. It looks like a hosta sort of but I guess it could have bloomed in the spring.  I will have to wait until next spring to figure it out.

The hosta plants are putting out a lot of blooms this summer. Most of my hosta are on their second year being planted where they are so they are full, mature plants. There is a house down the street on a north south street that must have the "sum and substance" hosta.  It is huge and I am now on the look out on how to purchase the plant. I have never seen it at a nursery. Can you see the photographer in the gazing ball?

The old fashion phlox isn’t looking very strong right now.  I am hoping that it perks up soon.  I shared this shot to show my neighbors sunroom.  They have a smaller one than ours but it was built by the same company many years ago.  The wife of that couple ordered it and had it put on while they were traveling around out west. The husband was not so happy about the decision but does sit in the shade of it in the afternoons. The couple to the southeast of us has a built in sunroom that blends in like a porch. I am sure the neighbors down the hall look up and wonder.  They are below us and they walk out onto concrete patios.

I grew up with parents that called this rose moss.  As I moved out of the southern Iowa culture I was being corrected by many that it is moss rose.  I call it the right name now without thought.  I bought this late and got it into my granite pan and it is doing very well.

It is Sunday and we will be off soon.  Our forecasters gave today a rating of “irritating” so it won’t be nice to be outside. I wish you all to have a great day.  Thanks for

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Saturday’s Summer Day....

I put out seed in the bowl to attack the mourning doves but I also get all the young sparrows and house finches.

This young sparrow just sits in the seed and picks out what he wants. The doves do that too but any movement is detected by doves so raining a camera to take their picture scares them away quickly.
The back yard roses are getting neglected. I seem to be too busy last week to work back there. I have a lot of dead heading to do on the majority of my roses.  I did get the dead buds of peonies taken off this morning. The knock out roses are on the priority list.  I also have mums that need to be trimmed back as they are blooming right now.

The new phlox is blooming out now but still seems hesitant to fully bloom. I watered them this morning along with all the other flowers.  We have lots of cracks in our ground and are need of some natural rain.

Day lilies that are first time bloomers at the new garden.  I really don’t think that I got all of my collection moved down here but I guess some still need to bloom.

This climates did not bloom last year so I was glad to see this bloom.  It isn’t growing up its trellis very well but it is clinging to the red twig shrub that grows next to it. I did plant a new one this spring but I may not see it bloom.  It is still alive but I have had to keep watering both of them.

It is a warm day today and the grass already looks like it isn’t getting enough water.  It does not take about two or three hot days to move us into summer heat and hot summer weather.  Thank you for stopping by today.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday’s Finds....

A volunteer tomato is grown among the marigolds.  One can’t eat marigolds so the tomato plant stays. The clover weed can go if I remember to stop by and pull it.

This form of marigold is doing well here growing larger that all of its cousins. I like to surround the tomatoes with marigolds.  I think the bed is far great in looks than just have tomatoes only in the bed. I was told once that it also is good to keep insects away from the tomato plants.

When the zinnias finally germinated they are really now taking off, filling up the area. I am really happy with the raised bed.  I have two bags of dirt ready to add to the bed but I may have to add a few ups at a time to not mess with the plantings.

I was thinking for a while that I  wasn’t going to have zinnias at all. They are catching up with our season and they will bloom all summer.  I have never put petunias along the edge before so wee will see if they will get crowded out.

I painted the end of the old kitchen at the old place today.  The 1900’s cedar is still on that one side and it just not hold paint. I have replaced most of the old cedar on the whole house but there were some areas just did fine without replacement.  I scraped on it on Tuesday and again today while putting on a new coat of paint.  I could scrape down to the original white paint on cedar in some of the places. I did get the job done and it looks so good. I have some trim boards around windows to repaint the next time I get up there. Painting and scraping is hard work but the moving the ladders really tires me out more.  I painted most of the kitchen part with step ladder but when I got to the peak I knew that I was not going to dangle on the step ladder to get to it. Cosmetically the whole side looks so much better but I could see that siding really needs to be replaced.

I remember buying this for my mom a long time ago.  She was a gardener but I do remember she thought it was a bad deal that she had to wait a whole year to see it bloom.  I have  a different  opinion, that if I can get it into the ground I know I have made a great investment and that sooner or later I will be glad to see it, year after year.  I moved this to the old place and now it is blooming at the new place.  I am sure the people in Osceola, Iowa are enjoying all those things that I planted outside their back door.

I am really glad to see that this moved successfully.  It is its first time blooming for me here.  The cupola is crowding it a lot but the daylily is tough and it will juts grow away form it. The colors of this one is a subtle blends of orange. I bought this at an arboretum sale when they would put many pots of unknown together and sell them sight unseen.

I am going to have to go back a year on my blog to find out about this.  I don’t know if I moved it or bought it new.  It isn’t really a tiger lily but it does have its spots. The petal shapes make it an Asiatic lily.

It is Friday already.  The week has flown by this week.  We spent one day taking a friend to the doctor and yesterday with friends from Colorado.  It shortens the week but it was a good week. I thank you for stopping by today.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Thursday’s Here.....

We spent the morning catching up with friends at the Caribou Coffee place.  They left our area the year after we had married 35 years ago.  They live in Colorado near Denver and come back only in ten year blocks of time.  They had family in our area but they have all passed now and they were here to visit a cousin.  John and Sharon are close to our ages and we spent time catching up on grandkids and old friends that we shared. Sharon had been in our wedding in 1984.

The coffee shop is smaller but very nice.  We knew we would talk for a long time so we sat outside at the tables.The weather was a cooler morning and we didn’t get too much sun until the last time of the visit.  They had been doing missionary trips to Thailand and shared a lot about the part of the country.

I am glad you could check in today.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wednesday’s Wandering....

A young house finch isn’t quite sure  as to how to get on to the feeder.  The railing is giving it a problem.

The house finch did make it to the open spot and is eating.  I have been seeing a few goldfinch birds but do not have a photo evidence. The sparrows have succeeded in hatching many new birds.  The house finch had done he same. A certain time there are flocks of birds coming and going to this feeder.

The big tree up the valley is glowing from the sky glow.
The behind it looked like this. It was a short lived sunset but was great to see. The photos were a couple of days old.  Since we were deprived of internet services I did get a backup of many photos.

This lily was identified as a stargazer but it doesn’t look like them to me.  It does have that fragrance of a stargazer.  The lily is growing up at our old place.

This shows the row of them in bloom.  The photo seemed to have some focus problems but it was taken by my wife’s cell phone.

It is a warm day today but it doesn’t seem so extreme in high heat.  We could use a few good days for a while  Thanks for checking in today.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tuesday’s Things....

Bee balm or monad is the name, the red came from the old place and they seem to coexists ok for now. I was concerned that the red had taken over the existing plants but it did not.

The pink hollyhocks are so tall in their new garden.  The soil was well nourished as a vegetable garden so this plant grew very tall and strong.

The zinnias are now filling in the spot. My neighbor shared that the soil was too cold for them to germinate and now the it has become hot they are growing quickly. There are day lilies in there starting to bloom and also Asiatic lilies.

I mowed at the old place this morning and it did become to hot to be doing that.  I think the humidity was heavy when I started and it seems to be overwhelming by the time I got done.

Thanks for stopping by today.