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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday’s Things......

Our son sent us some photos of our grandsons at Easter time at their home. I like this one that is not posed. This one shows the tense concentration shown when the baskets are first discovered. We talked to them via FaceTime last evening.  They are  certainly growing up fast. The youngest one has learned how the system works and looks right into the screen to say words to us.

I watch this guy take a long bath in the birdbath.  He sat up here in the same location after his rinse off. While visiting the old place this morning I can tell by the development of flowers there really are not very far along. I didn’t see any spring flowers pushing through up there any better than here.  The ditch lilies always take off early but most everything is still underground.  I did see this morning that I didn’t kill out the peonies where my dumpsters sat most of the summer. The batch that really did n’t get to bloom last year are all popping up branches now.

I had a furnace man show up to check over the heat and cooling systems to see if everything is ready to go.  The young man did a great job and informed me of all that he needed to do. He even took a garden hose out to the air conditioner unit to give it a fresh clean start.  I cleaned floors and carpets while he was there to keep the work going on up there.  I wasn’t going to stand around and watch him.  He was there almost two hours so I got a lot of cleaning done at the old place.

We rarely saw mourning doves at our old place.  They were all the Eurasian Ring Neck types and their size I think kept the mourning doves away. We have the two here at the new place and I am assuming that they are a pair. This photo shows how long the tail is better than most of my photos I have shared of them.

This plant was good with its being moved.  I at first looked at this in a hurry and thought it was an iris.  Foolish me as I can now see that it is one of my special day lilies. I know that I brought a few but I am not so sure which one this is.  It was a large clump that I planted there so I must have been keen on bringing to the new place. Every single iris plants that I moved are up and growing.  I guess I should not have worried about that. I moved them one or two at a time all through the spring through late summer

It is so nice to have this guy around.  I hope he stays.  I can’t believe they would be nesting but I think that they are in the blue spruce tree.  The female cardinal rarely comes onto the deck but this guy can intrude on the deck any time he wants.

I had a busy early morning with my furnace guy but that did screw up my routine.  Maybe by this afternoon I can get back into my groove.  Being out so early in the morning I saw pelicans on the lake.  They were scattered all over the area where the boats are docked in summer.  They seemed to each have their own fishing area. I am still wondering if they plan to stay all summer.  The recreational boats won’t be such good company for them.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I appreciate your visits.


Anonymous said...

Hi Larry, What a great photo of your grandsons. They certainly are studying the contents of their Easter baskets. So wonderful that you can face time with them. They get to know you so much better than with just a phone call. That dove does have a long tail. The Cardinal is stunning. We had an HVAC guy to do routine maint. on our unit today. Glad you could use the time to get in some cleaning while your guy was there. It will be fun for you and Della this spring to see the different plants you moved come up in your yard. So thankful that you could take your time moving plants. Wishing you both a pleasant evening.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What a cute photo of your Grands! I hope your Cardinal stays too! :)