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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The calico cat saga continues......

She actually is a tortoise shell colored cat, but she has one back toe that is white. We call her Callie from Calico just because it is a nice name.

She sleeps in our neighbor's garage at night and she begs good canned cat food by day.  She is so tame that I can set a dish down by her and almost touch her.  If I touch  her she only flinches back a foot then comes right back to eat.  We are being very patient to catch her.  I now feed her by placing her dish partly inside of a pet carrier.  Some of these days I will place it as far in as possible and she will be caught.  She could be lounging in the warmer basement rather than outside in below freezing weather.  It is going to happen as I have said for the past three months.  She has been wild for almost two and a  half years now so she is just not liking the closeness stuff and she has not heard of domestication.

This is the box of rejected ornaments.  They really are not sad as they know that I will eventually find a small tree to put them on but they are very small.  With all the larger ornaments they were just lost out of sight. A lot of these are not glass blown but are cast metal or plastic.  The still have been hand painted with the shiny glass enamel paint.

The house design is one of the earliest designs created by the ornament makers.  This one is not an antique but it is over 35 years old.

A blurry view of the lights on the tree.  I did overkill this year as I found a set of 400 clear lights that I decided to add along with the older sets.  We aren't having kids coming  home this year so we are having mixed feelings about putting it up.  The thing is that we may have Della's brother and wife over for Christmas pie, so they can enjoy it.

Plus, I will share it with all of you who are all over the world.  That makes it worth while.  No ornaments have been added from what you see in this photo, but Tuesday night we added two boxes of different baubles and we will have one last box to put on it Wednesday.

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A Brit in Tennessee said...

Love the ornaments, they just bring the tree alive with the vibrant colors.
You've made lots of progress with the kitty, I'm sure it won't be long before you catch her in the carrier.

Sunny said...

The kitty cat looks a lot like our cat Molly; I think she is more of a Tortoiseshell than Calico. Poor little critter.
'The box of rejected ornaments' sounds like a sad Christmas movie, starring Burl Ives.
Your tree is amazing, I can't believe all the lights you have on it...really very magical!
☼ Sunny

Far Side of Fifty said...

I love those really tiny ornaments..I only have one..I bought it at a garage sale. are going to catch that Callie she moving in with you? :)

Rae said...

I wish there were more people like you that are so compassionate and caring. You are really doing a wonderful thing taking care and trying to rescue Callie. I hope you have success catching her soon. I too worry about the animals that endure the harsh cold weather.

Aloha from Arkansas said...

The colored lights are amazing. The tree is so beautiful. If it keeps getting colder (which it probably will), Callie will be inside in no time!

Hilary said...

One of the best cats I've ever had (and I've only had four) was a tortoiseshell sweetie. They have the reputation of not being the nicest critters but she proved them wrong with everything she did. She was perfectly gentle, loving and very funny cat. They're such wonderful creatures. I hope yours comes around to letting keep her warm.