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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It is cold outside..............

I know there are people north of us that have much lower temperatures but the high of 13 degrees F.  is a shock to the system. I ventured out because I said that I would and even with warm clothes on I really was chilled.

The Austrian Pine is showing which direction that the snow came down.  I didn't have to return and scoop the walks again today as we just had a light dusting over everything this morning when we awakened.

My backyard buddy is disgusted with me and I did promise to bring him inside for the winter.  He really isn't dressed for the weather out there.

My one and only ornament that I received on Christmas day was this guy.  My sister in law Linda gave it to me.  She had to tell the story behind it when I received it.  She has a younger sister that drags her along to the early morning shopping sprees after Thanksgiving.  That means 5 in the morning she is standing outside of World Market with her and this is all that she bought once inside.

I hope it was on a good sale.  I have to admit I have never seen an Italian snowman before but I have one now.  He is wearing his traditional striped shirt and has wine in one arm and a container of bagels in the other.  What a deal this is, I really like it.

I did receive five ornaments from a blogger friend in Indiana earlier before Christmas so that adds six in total to the collection.  Insanity I know but I shut down soon on this subject until next December. 

We had a potluck meal today at church with our Asian ministry families. We teach their kids or should I say grandkids. It was a wonderful time and I will share more about it another time. True Asian food served in America, it was so good.

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The Retired One said...

What a cute ornament! I heard your part of the nation got more snow than we did...and now the east coast is getting it!

Hilary said...

Nice to know you had a fine holiday. That sure is an interesting ornament and decent of your sister in law to shop that early for you. ;) That poor cherub does look annoyed.. and cold!

Anonymous said...

Hello Larry, Your snow photos are pretty and put our dusting to shame! I have to admit, I was really cold at 7am when I went out to take pics today - it was around 24.
I love the pretty Snowman ornament.
I also look forward to hearing more about your Asian ministry/potluck today.
We have a college couple (John's friends' daughter/friend) driving from MI to FL today with a stopover scheduled for here tonight. They have been on the road about 12 hours - many delays and a slip in the ditch in KY. I know they will be tired and stiff when they arrive.
You and Della take care. Hope you have lots of tea on hand.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

16 degrees sounds very cold! I'm not sure I would've braved the weather. Cute snowman ornament!

Linda said...

The wee snowman is unique! What a cheerful chappie.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well I am really coveting that cute little Italian Snowman..he is awfully cute:)