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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Grandson #1........

It has been four years since our grandson A.J.  was born. We received an email about it on the internet as we were having morning coffee.  It had been a long night and our son just texted us to get the information out there to the family.

He is such a good little guy who is always out there soaking in information.  We bought him the first large lego toy from us.  I am sure he has others but we know that the building block thing will really interest him. He is into monster trucks right now but I think he has them all on his toy shelves.  We do have to get creative to find something different for him.

I bought a new magazine at the bookstore last weekend.  I started my very first fish tank back in 1973. I had guppies and they did reproduce quickly.  I am dreaming that I will get back into the tropical fish world.  The magazine really had a lot of info about the sources of the fish and where they harvest them in the wild in many different countries.

People who are addicted to the aquarium world really do bug out their eyes when they see them floating around in tanks at the store.

I still have my goldfish so there won't be any switching over to the tropical ones soon.  It may happen at the beginning of this fall when winter again starts to rear its white head.

I haven't talked much about the project for a while but I have not wanted to talk about it.  I do think that I am close to having all the walls prepared for painting.  I had added a new support post which required all new gypsum plaster.  It takes a lot more time when you start from scratch.  I also had an area where we had a sink and cupboards for the studio part of the gallery.  That is all gone now and it left me a nook to rework with new drywall and patching of bad places in the existing drywall.  I won't photograph until the most of the ugly ceiling is covered up.  When I am done, there will be lots of photos.

It is tax time in our household this afternoon.  I am betting we will have more taxes to pay but we will wait and see.  I don't use my paycheck deductions as a way to have a saving account.  I did work a lot during this tax time so maybe I will just break even.  Whatever happens just will happens.

We are waiting for the snow to start.  The county to the north of us is in a storm warning area.  Since we are only 4 miles from that county line I am sure something will slop over onto us.  I guess the weather people think we have weather walls around us by telling us nothing will hit us, but I bet we will see white.

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Mildred said...

Happy Birthday to AJ! He is a fine looking boy and it is a blessing to watch him grow and learn.
That's a great looking book about aquariums/fish.
As a child, I remember having a gold fish.
I pray you both will be safe with the impending snowy weather. God bless.

Far Side of Fifty said...

So you are getting the storm. It will miss us I think. Just as well I was tired of shoveling.
Legos is a big thing that will keep little boys real busy...Knex too when he is a little older. (Watch for them at garage sales!)
It is hard to believe AJ is four!! I have enjoyed watching him grow up on your blog!
Your home repair project has been a big one. Sounds like you are making progress.
I have not started taxes yet but should real soon :)

A Colorful World said...

Your grandson is so adorable, Larry! Boy, don't they grow fast! Good luck with your project, too. Sounds like a lot of hard work!