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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday All Day..........

Our snow has moved on now with it being very cold outside.  The same front is now headed to the eastern coastline where it always makes great headlines.

Barney does like the snow but now that he is older he doesn't like it as much.  He will eat snow and droll in it, to coat his back but after that he is ready to come back inside.

I am helping another neighbor take care of a dog who is alone for the next couple of days. The dog's owner is worried that Penny is alone but the terrier seems indifferent to that.  She likes that I come over early morning and that I give her some snacks.  After she gets her morning rub down, she seems to act like it is no big deal that she is alone.  She has her tv on all night to keep her company and her living room tv on in the daytime to keep her company.  The other helping neighbor brings her little dog over and leaves her with Penny as they are close friends. It seems like Penny has her life under control and the head boss just happens to be away for awhile.

Work on the gallery is slow but progress is being made.  I don't know if I will ever show you the before pictures but the finished work will be shared.

The remaining skylight will be boxed in today and drywall will frame it up for a more finished look. This one has not given us any problems unlike the one that we are going to eliminate.  The skylights are great for artist to get natural light but now that the artist is moving away the one will just be a memory only.

My body recognizes the moves that I have made the day before and I am having aches and pains.  It is a lot like the three summers when I worked as a janitor at school.  I can quit have aches after the job is done.

Thank you for stopping by today.

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Mildred said...

That's a cute coffee mug. Nice photo of Barney in the snow. Yesterday we were in the 70's. We had thunderstorms overnight and now it is clear and cold. Strange weather!
Glad the dog is not missing its owner too much. You are a great neighbor to help out.
I sympathize with your sore muscles from the work you are doing. We bought 2 new chairs and moved them ourselves in my car. We are so sore now!!!