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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, March 25, 2013

Armoire Cabinet........

My son and his wife live in an older neighbor hood of houses, 70's, era.  Because of that my daughter in law was able to pick up wonderful pieces of furniture for their home on Craig's List.  People are selling out to go south, going to nursing homes or divorces, whatever, are causing people to put up good furniture on the List. Many of them just want an easy way to empty their house. Having people pick it out on the net and then someone comes and takes it away for them makes life simpler.

The cabinet above was claimed to be a British piece and I have yet to research it, but it is a wonderful piece of furniture.  It looks like burl walnut on the panels and the other wood remains a mystery to me.  I really didn't have a chance to investigate the inside wood or even the undersides of the drawers, like they do on Antique Roadshow, but it does appear to be an older piece. My daughter in law bought also a complete '30s dining room set with chairs as well as their living room couch and chair, all on Craig's List.  I guess it does matter where you are located to have a good stock to choose from on the net.

I am a high school English instructor today.  It is the upperclassmen classes so it will be a good day.  There were a lot of people gone in the school today and they could have used another four people for subs.  I don't know if the weather curtailed their getting home from their weekend trips or if they are all sick.  I am subbing for a teacher who is taking 15 students to State Speech today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

That is a beautiful armoire..the burl wood is beautiful in the inset and then the

claude said...

Old style but beautiful. That is my husband's work.