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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, March 29, 2013

Plant Swapping......

I originally planted these sanseveria plants in the low bonsai type planter.  They were small and it looked good with the rock arrangement that I had. The have become too big and I wanted them out of there.  A friend at school asked if I wanted some small cactus and I agreed to take them if she would take this overgrown mess.  She was glad to get them.  I may try to plant the cactus into the low planter along with my rocks.  I had a very difficult time getting the plants out of there as the roots had grown into the drainage screen.  It made a big mess while trying to dislodge the roots.

I showed this photo to you earlier but I wanted to add to the story.  The woman was so pleased to have the framed items of her father and mother delivered to her door. She really liked the larger third one with the pictures of her and her three sisters.  My wife had drawn them from young pictures of them and Bonnie was so touched to see the finished drawing in the frame.  I asked her if her sisters were still living and she replied that they were not.  Bonnie was the youngest in the family and she was the only one left.  She will certainly enjoy seeing these drawings on her wall.

I have made changes on the frame today, so I am not done with this project.  I have taken a lot of photos of the processes and the final job with the progress shots will be coming soon.  We are headed to look for Bald Eagles this afternoon per request of our neighbor lady.  I do hope we see something as she has talked about others spotting them over by the river and she wants to take pictures. It is 63 degrees today which is going to make it a good day to be out and looking for flying objects.

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