Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In the middle of the week.......

It looks like  I can rake my leaves pretty soon.  The tulips are coming up even thought our temps were in the freezing again last night.

These daffodil sprouts were pretty stiff this morning with ice coating them.  It is on the west side of the house and the sun hasn't warmed them up for the day.

This rose bush looks great.  It survived the drought last summer and it hasn't look this good since I transplanted here a few years back.  It is very much alive and maybe I can get some decent blooms from it.

This kids from Chicago gave us this wreath and it is still green.  I looked at it and it must have been dipped into a product to coat the piece so they won't dry out.  I have heard of the product that they use to protect live evergreens in the winter but this is really well preserved. I just took it down today with some Christmas lights that hung around it.  I hope the Christmas season is over and I wasn't too early taking it down.

Not working today so I am getting odd jobs caught up.  I have a frame that is finished and now have to face the creating of the mat.  When I show you what I am doing to make it you will understand why I am dreading it.  I know I can do it but I sure am not anxious to start creating it.

Thanks for stopping by my place today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Looks like you are getting spring! :0