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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday's Things............

I know it is not spring but I salvaged these from my neighbor.  Six of them with the original name tags on them.  Knowing the  names of the colors is silly but I do now have what the growers decided to call them. The neighbor had them in an old fashioned hanging planter.  They had been left in their original small pots so they didn't grow nor did they bloom much.

I am not going to work too hard to make them grow as much as I want to just keep them alive through the winter.  Keeping moist soil and a little light in a cool storage room should maintain them. I like how the companies give flowers fancy names. Rocky Mountain White sounds like a pretty strong name for a white hardy geranium.

Yes, I am ready for the looney bin.  I promise to not blog about hardy geraniums for one month starting today.   I was at the Home Depot looking around mostly not planning on spending any money.  I saw some wonderful African violets and walked away from them.  I did go crazy when I let a woman who works in the greenhouse sell me a $2.00 planter full of red geraniums.  The woman had cut the product back and the set of 8 or more planters on display were covered with buds.  This one has about 20 or more bud clusters.   Now that it is about to freeze I will have instant inside flowers.  That is it,  no more discussion about geraniums.  My wife has already call the guys with the straight jackets to take me away. 

I think it is about time that I get some of these guys peeled and sliced for freezing.  They have ripened since I brought them into the house.  The last of them will freeze tonight and turn brown and soft.

I have taught two days in a row this week so far.  I am scheduled to work tomorrow which means I will break my record of working only two days a week.  Illness seems to be everywhere right now so the teachers will be gone more as the flu or bad colds keep spreading.  I hope all of you are staying away from contagious people and are having a good day today.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy you got these geraniums and I wish you well in keeping them til next spring.

John got a flu shot and I will get one later this week. We've already had a very bad cold but we're feeling better.
John's bp is down with new med but he fell in the yard and has a sprained ankle and a gash/egg on his head!