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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Already............

 I look across the street from our bedroom window and I see this chair sitting out there.  It seems a little lonely even though it is near a lot of things.  The seat was removed or had fallen out, so the neighbors hung something into the opening. It has a container or fabric that holds the dirt.   I really like the look of it out under the crabapple tree. The chair looks like to me to be an old teacher's chair that was used with the old wooden desk.

I missed getting my post up yesterday.  I was recouping and really did forget to do it. I really hadn't noticed it until this morning while checking my comments. I have to get off my feet once in a while and really just stop doing things in general.  I am better today and I am administering ACT test this morning at the high school.

 The neighbor's maple next to that chair is turning into a nice yellow leafed tree. I like the dark lines that seem to show up when the leaves are light yellow.

This one rose bush would like it to stay warmer for a while.  The rains gave it hope that it could grow again and put out some new buds.  It isn't going to happen but the rose gets credit for trying.

 The birch tree is pretty right now with a light yellow leaves.  It will be interesting to see its next development before they drop.  Usually they drop within a two day period especially during a rain.  They are not yellow enough for them to drop but maybe soon that will happen,  This is the time of the year when the color of our house looks great.  It looks good with all green foliage but the fall leaves tend to make it a far more pleasing color scheme and the house looks like if fits better with those colors.

The sun shinning through the leaves of the birch makes it a wonderful sight.  You can feel how cold it is out there but it was a high of 45 degrees yesterday when I snapped this.

Saturdays are good even if I do have to come to school.  We will have the afternoon off to do something.  Dog food is on sale at Petsmart and I bet we end up there for sure.  I bet a bookstore sits around in the area too where we can get a hot cocoa or coffee and laze away for some time.  It has to be inside activities for now as the cold is not a good thing.  I still have some yard work to finish up but the wind has to stop blowing.  

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you are having a good weekend no matter what you are doing.


Blackberry Lane said...

Beautiful photos today, Larry. I remember wooden chairs like this "planter" from school. Hope you will feel better by this afternoon and that you two have an enjoyable time out. We usually stay close to home on weekends.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Oh my, I remember taking the ACT. I'm sure your day was less stressful! Ha. Sounds like you're doing good and have the day planned. Have a good weekend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Pretty trees at your place, I like the color of your house and trim in whatever season:)