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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday's Things.........

An every day view that I see across the street.  The new owners have new shingles on everything.  The very old barn that leaned too much was removed and it seems vacant not having it there.  Can you see my new neighbor, a former student of mine, likes to go duck hunting?  He spends a lot of time fishing and hunting deer, ducks and geese.  He is good friends of our governor's son and they hit every season together.

The maple keeps changing to red one section at a time.  The leaves that fall on the ground are the very red ones.

Another shot of the birch tree as it keeps on turning yellow.  I have many shots of the tree but it is a lot like having a large flowering plant in the yard with all of its color. You can still see green in the center of the leaves.

Halloween is in our town tonight as they moved things around ball games and parent teacher conferences so everything can happen. I don't know how the weather will turn out but we did have a very rain filled day yesterday.  We are always torn as to do treats or not as the whole activity just drives both dogs crazy.  If I could stand the cold I might go out and just sit on the porch for two hours and hand out treats. I wouldn't have to wear a mask, get it, but I could put on some different warm clothing to look scary.  We bought candy last night and a big bag of expensive apples to hand out if we run out of candy.  We are on a side street compared to main street where the main crowd does roam. We have quite a few but not like the main street bunch. I don't like the two hours of waiting for people to come to the door so I may just go out and join the outdoor crowd.

I am working half the day in the Spanish room teaching about Spanish speaking dictators. I guess I will stay off the subject of American dictators as that is touchy to some people.  I am glad it is only a half day as it is good to get some time off. The absent teacher has everything ready to go for me so I don't have to search and decide what they intended for them to do.

Friday is coming and I hope all of you out there are well.  Thanks for stopping by the space today.


Blackberry Lane said...

I enjoy seeing your trees and the neighbor's yard.
We made the decision not to hand out candy due to the cats being so scared of folks coming to the door.
I hand delivered treats to the neighbor girl a few days ago. Looks like it will be raining by night any way.

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful leaf shots! We never have trick or treaters as we are situated at the end of a half mile 4 wheel drive road.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Love that shot of the neighbor's place, so pretty.
We have horrific winds and rain, Halloween has been postponed until the weekend....trick.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We used to sit on the front porch rockers, light torches and play scary sounds, but this year we turned off the lights and didn't buy candy as we were not going to be home.