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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Middle of the Week.......

The young goldfinches have grown and still do come to the feeder. They get a little more intolerant of one another as they get older. They chose to drive other birds away while they are eating. When they were young, they were too busy eating to know they should be  competitive.

The young ones have also found a seed on the zinnias.  This morning I could see three of the trying to get to the seed. The one orange zinnia was being torn apart by one of the birds. The seed itself is at the end of the petals so I am not sure what else they are getting from the flowers.

Sometimes I don't quite see them on the flowers but then when I see the whole flower bend down from the weight of the bird I can see they are birds and not butterflies.

I spent time picking up supplies this morning for working on the rebuilding of the stairs in the garage.  Big stores mean you have to do  a lot of walking around to find things.  I didn't get everything I needed but can go back on another day.  It is about four miles away from where I live.

The little stairs that we had, with uneven heights for steps, will now be all equal in height and width of step. We have been having hot weather so working in the garage means I have to  put up with the heat.  It got too warm this morning when I was working so I just had to quit.  I am not too far from being done but I am working slow and carefully as these stairs are important,  I don't really want to rebuild them again while I am living here. I did look at a rug-like material to put on the stairs but I will wait to make that decision when I get it all completed.

I was slow to get to my blogging today and now will be short in length today.  Thanks for stopping by.


The Furry Gnome said...

Stairs are something you have to build really carefully. Don't think I want to tackle that again! Hope yours work out well.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We covered out lower level of log stairs for Chance, I bought a runner from Menards and cut it to width I needed and we put it down with double face tape and that worked real well. Steps are tough, but if you get the stringers right it will all work out! :)