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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tuesday’s Things.......

It is so great to be greeted by these flowers every morning.  The idea of having vines on a second story deck is sort of impossible but the longer the fall season last the more these vines will grow.

I had to move the begonia to the deck as it was getting too hot for them in the afternoon. Notice how well the miniature  roses are doing behind the begonia.  The roses really are small ones compared to the normal sized flower.
Our sunrise was great but the clouds were only in the area of the sun.  The rest of the sky has no clouds.

To my surprise in the afternoon the moon was already in view.  I still don’t understand all the movement of the earth and moon but this was not expected.

Easy evening it looked more like this and it was in clear view.  As the earth tilts back the moon is easier to see. I think I had to tilt the camera a little making the dark side of a moon looking to be at the wrong angle.

My sedum from the old place are blooming.  They are short this year but next year they will be tall.  The volunteer cockscomb looks nice contrasting with the pale pink.  All is going to get a watering this morning. I should have stayed on the watering on this garden but I guess I just got worn out from doing it.  Water is not going to save the petunias in that area.
One really can find lots of answers on the internet if you ask for it.  My old kitchen cabinets did not look good with my white semigloss  enamel paint.  It didn’t cover good and now once it is covered, I don’t like it.

I found on the internet that enamel that shines shows the uneven surface of things. The kitchen cupboards were originally plywood, shellac painted, home made cabinets.  I met the carpenter once when he worked for the phone company. They were painted a coat of a gosh awful mixed color of green before I bought it.  I have painted them two different colors in 30 years.  The white shows the uneven levels of so many coats of paint.  The net says that I can paint a satin kind of paint on top of it as long as the paint brand is the same.  The satin paint will not show any shine.

The history of this kitchen was one of a large cast iron sink and drain board.  The stove was apparently a wood burning cast iron, woodturning one.  The chimney marks still show on the cedar siding on the outside of that wall of the brick chimney. New cabinets must have been put in when city water was installed. The old sink in now in the basement and the plywood was a dated product of the 60s. When I sell this 1904 house, it will have an all white kitchen.  It will look good before I sell it.  Taking a day off from than and will do easy things today.  Thanks for checking in today.

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