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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, May 20, 2011

Everything plus the kitchen sink is in this picture.  I cropped out a lot but what you see is reality.  I brought home these iris from the down south property.  My wife cut them and I had to scrounged around to find a glass jar to put them in with water. Most everything has been thrown away or taken to my house.  I found a dirty old mayo jar in the garage with nails in it and put some water in it for them.  They ended up in the sink at home and I liked the linear pattern that the stems made while awaiting their new vase.

This may be a reposting but I thought I would share this as the rain probably now has washed all these flowers off the branches.

My mature violets just started to bloom a month ago and they are still at it.  The youngster starts are still developing leaves but will probably bloom in another month or so. This was one of my Mennards buys last fall.

I looked out the dining room window one morning early this week and the sun was giving the alums a nice lighting effect.  I was still in my bathrobe but went out anyway and snapped the shot.  I needed to get to school but I didn't think that it would make me late for subbing.  I don't have a firm arrival time when I sub anyway and as I have always said to the kids, what are they going to do to me, fire me?  No I am responsible but the idea is I am needed no matter when I show up to school.

Well I am a science and pe teacher today.  Fortunately I will have a quiet day as the seniors are gone so the classes have reduced in size.  They graduate on Saturday.  School continues without them for another week. I think my subbing days are numbered as staff won't be taking off time for much longer.  We have kids at State Golfing  today so I am the coach's sub for the day.

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Mildred said...

These are nice shots, Larry. The sun really is pretty in that last photo. Since we don't have many flowers in the yard now, I've been taking my camera with me to the farmer's market. I never like to do anything to draw attention to myself and it has been interesting to try and take photos without anyone seeing me!!!!!
I'm glad your day subbing will be light today - hope it's the start of a good weekend.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Larry, we have been on a road trip to NC this week (thanks for the comment today) and I've been spending time catching up on blog reading. I enjoyed seeing all the recent flower posts. Sorry to read in an earlier post that you are not returning to Maine this year. Last fall was our first road trip there and we had a great time. We may explore Vermont and/or NH this fall.

Gary said...


I find the iris picture, entrancing, it has such a “life being lived” quality about. And the colors are so rich and vibrant.

I am a little saddened that school will be coming to an end shortly. I have really enjoyed your snippets while subbing. But then again your summer blogs always take me to some interesting and fun places to. – G