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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday's shots.........

Can you see the crazy guy in the Maine sweatshirt?

Snowflake Viburnum

I really have been too busy to get outside in the cold to take shots but I made it out for a five minute fling.   I snapped as fast as I could as it was trying to sprinkle. 

We are working on the last school composite of graduating seniors.  We have yet to receive three of the seniors photos but we are still going to go ahead and glue it down.  I will show shots later of the senior class group once it is done.  Even maybe I will give you a shot of it in progress.  It is far more work than it appears.

Thanks for stopping by.............headed to church and I have a Sunday School class to teach. 


Anonymous said...

Very pretty shots, Larry. After some very hot temps last week, we awoke to 58* this a.m.
I hope you will share your and Della's work on the school composite.
Wishing you both a blessed Sunday.

Far Side of Fifty said...

That Virburnum is awesome..lovely blooms. You have some beautiful plants! :)

Debbie Lo said...

Love the gazing ball and its color.

How do you know (and remember) the names of so many plants? I'm amazed. And yes, the Viburnum is truly beautiful. :-)

Hope you enjoyed teaching Sunday School and we look forward to seeing some photos of the senior photos.