Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Mysterious View..........not veiw!!!!

A large pastel drawing that hangs over our couch projects it's many dimensions. It is a pastel work that I did many years ago of Duluth, Minnesota.  I snapped a photo of a storm coming up hovering over the hill.  I was standing along the harbor area and the old historic part of the city starts there.  The city has through the years built up over that hill and further west.

Because the pastel is framed under glass, my painting really will never be photographed well as the reflections will always be there.  I would have to disassemble it and I don't think I will do that just for a photo.

The reflections shows the front door, fireplace with a reflection picture on the mantle, all in reverse. Also you can see the old photographer's hands and camera.

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Gary said...

And will we be entitling this one, “Snap Shot of an Artist Day Dream”? I am greatly admiring your use of reflection in this posted picture. Hoping you guys have a wonderful holiday weekend. – G

Mildred said...

A lovely painting, Larry. It's interesting to me to see the reflection of your and Della's beautiful front door. What a lovely home you have.
Wishing you both a safe and restful weekend.

The Retired One said...

Loved the pastel AND the reflections!!

Debbie Lo said...

I think the picture is extremely interesting because of the number of items you can see in it. You honestly don't know where to look first! Very nice. :-)