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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer Plans.......

As the weather is cool and rainy one has to remember that the summer is coming.  It was a longer lasting winter than normal and we do look forward better days.  I grabbed a few shots to remember or dream of the summer to come.  Rhubarb cobbler is going to be a reality very soon.

Della and I do not have to work on this mural.  We lost a month last year working on it and we will have time to do something else.  It was a fun project and we are proud of it but it is nice to not have to revisit it this summer.

I think we should plan to go back to the International Balloon Festival this year.  It was our very first experience there and we had a great time. 

We will not be going to Maine this year.  I have mixed emotions about it but I think maybe a trip to Lake Superior will be a lot less expensive and take less time.  The kids from Maine are coming through Iowa this year for a couple of days so that will be great to see them.

Not taking a trip to Maine means we don't have to get frisked down at the airports.  I don't think I will miss flying, as we did it two years in a row.  No flights for the summer is for certain,

Red raspberry pie is a must and my bushes have really spread.  I should be able to pick quite a few through the summer as they are an everbearing variety.  The black bugs hopefully will stay away for awhile so we can enjoy them.  I know bugs could add protein, but I will eat a hamburger instead of a bug.

Our frightened visitor will allow us now to pet her for a short period of time. Now that she just had a new litter of kittens next door in the neighbor's garage, we will be waiting to see how many she had and when she will bring them back home to us.  She and her kittens are promised a visit to see the vet once we are all catchable.

I think of the State Fair and summer outings that make the summer fun.  I have cut down on my coffee drinking but I still can have some with more time allowed to drink it.  Sitting on the patio in the summer is restful and cold or hot beverages make it more pleasant.

I am hoping for a good summer and will try not to make tight plans this summer.  We have some major responsibilies taken off of our list now and yet there are a few biggies yet to accomplish. 

I hope this is a good day for you and that tomorrow will be a restful Sunday.  Thanks for stopping in.......


Anonymous said...

Your visit to the balloon festival resulted in some of the most amazing photos I've seen, Larry. I do hope you two can go again this year.
The rhubarb and raspberries look great; cobbler is definitely a summertime treat.
Praying that you both will have a wonderful, relaxing Summer and that soon you will have a buyer for your parents' home.

Linda said...

Where has this year gone that it's nearly time for your balloon festival?
Some years we just can't have far-flung or grand trips. Time just to slow down can be as enjoyable.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Time moves faster as you get you have to be sure to do the things you enjoy the most! :)