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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday's moments.......

The quartet is hanging in there though their days are numbered.  I have snapped here before but there is a tulip of a different color that is now spent and I left it out of the group photo. Rhubarb is being harvested very soon.

This is the last composite that we will have to create for a while.  Actually we don't have any to do until next years graduating class.  This the third and final one we are working on right now.

Graduation is this Saturday and we promised to have it done but we still need three pictures.  I had to swipe some of them off facebook as they wouldn't bring them in but they had them posted on their facebook sites.

I need to draw the lines now and get holes cut for the opening of the school name and class year design.  The figuring has been done and we lucked out with an even number of pictures.  Ten per row and I think there are 50 photos in total.

This is not the true color of this flower.  It is not a deep red but more borders on a light magenta.  The digital camera decides which color it wants it to be when it comes to shooting red things.

I am the business teacher again today.  I take a coat to wear as the air conditioning makes it very cold.  The other end of the old wing is not as lucky, so when I go down there for one class I have to shed my coat.  Monday's at school can be long but school will be out in a couple of weeks and I won't be subbing anymore.

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Seven Gates Farm said...

I love those tulips. Not sure where you are that you still have tulips, but I love them. Have a wonderful morning in the classroom. I have a daughter doing summer classes before I send her off. Classes seem long for her too. Have a great week Larry. Debi

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looks like the rhubarb is friendly with the tulips! :)

Debbie Lo said...

You guys did a great job on the senior photos! Boy, it sure looks like a lot of work.

I know you and Della are looking forward to your Rhubarb pie in the very near future!