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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Broken...... but a beauty.

I have a new glass toy candy container.  It has had some damage but I still like it.  I have a collection and sometimes these things just show up.  Another view of the train is on my Photo a Day blog.

The phone and the car were my mom's candy toys.  The bottom one came from the house of my wife's Aunt Irene.  The phone is missing it's wooden receiver that was attached to the wire holder.

Other things that I will be adding to my toy collection is the tin bank and the two wooden pins.  The slot hits right on Europe for some reason.  They could have placed the slot at a different location but I am sure the factory line worker didn't care where the slot was placed.

This homemade checkerboard also is an oldie with the hand painted or inked squares.  There is a line or ledge where the two top boards meet that will prevent the sliding of checkers smoothly across the middle of the board. I guess I need to keep my eyes open for some antique checkers.  I have a couple but not a complete set.  It will get a good cleaning which should make the wood have a richer color.

I was  an office helper yesterday and have taken on a job to help the administration to update their school website.  The secretaries are trained to do it but the time it requires is too much for their workload.  In reality everyone who could work on it really are avoiding it as it takes too much time with the busy things going on in a school office. They will still put on quick school closing messages and things like that but I have been asked to update and clean up some of the site's problems.  I will have to use my blogging skills and plus in order to get that job done,  I will need some side training from whomever  that will share the information I need to get the job done.

I did teach one class of freshman science yesterday and today I won't know until I arrive at school what I will be doing.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my posting.


Anonymous said...

I should have checked this blog first. I had asked on the other one about your glass candy containers. I love the car, especially.
Now when I go antiquing, I'll be looking for old glass candy containers and checkers! You have some great and interesting pieces.
Best wishes with the school's website. When we recently received our new phone #, a local school was programmed to call this # with recorded info pertinent to students and parents - it took about 6 mos. of phone calls to get them to take our # off the list!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Beautiful checkerboard..we have one similar that is a card table..don't get it too damp..even the varnish wanted to curl the laminate pieces:(