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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cactus sprout......

I helped my neighbor move her tall cactus plant back into the house for the winter. Needless to say but  I did have running blood wounds before the job was done.  I took a sprout that had broken off on the moving journey.

  It was heavy and I had to use a carrier to bring it up a set of stairs.  The pathway to it's final display area was a challenge as her house is small and the walkways are less than a foot wide.  We had to move furniture to get through the areas of three rooms before it landed at it's winter home.

Collections are like stray cats, things come around, you feed them and before too long you have a litter.  In this case, as I went through burn piles on the farm I found white milk glass items.  I know they are commercial product containers to the most part but they do have an individual good design in a quality material.  The vase I pulled from the cupboard of the house on the farm.  I was going to tell you I don't collect these, but I know you do know better just by looking at the photo.

My wife actually has a collection of milk glass of her mother's that she received years ago when she and her brother divided the box full of items. I have a couple more items now that were not around when this photo was taken.

I helped my neighbor pull up her zinnia's last week and she laid out her geranium plants that she was tossing in the dump.   She said to take what I wanted and don't scolled her for throwing them away. I have a white one and a pink one now to nurture through the winter to take out in the spring.

I am subbing for a couple of people today.  I came in and they said they had nothing, just go to the library.  Within a half hour I took the music instructors classes as he is headed to a meeting and the middle school English teacher is heading home this pm.  I took out the kitchen window air conditioner last night and I have to keep reminding myself that I am not having a heart attack.  Those chest muscles are the ones you only use for removing heavy objects from windows and the pain will subside in a couple of days.

I have to go for now, as I find that I have to sneak my blogging in when I can.  Thanks for stopping by at my post and Friday is coming.


Anonymous said...

Best wishes with the cactus and geraniums. The milk glass is very pretty. I remember when florists always delivered rose stems in milk glass vases. I know what you mean about straining muscles. The other day in the rain, I tried to carry all the grocery bags inside at once.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Larry, yes I do know how it is when you see some items and then all of a sudden they seem to have borne more - amazing isn't it? That happened to us when we were collecting frog and penguinn stuffed toys, now we are culling them out and hope no one adds to the collection!