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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A correction sort of, maybe.....

I was continually taking shots of my tomatoes and something like a light bulb turned on in my little brain.  I have been calling all of my tomatoes Roma tomatoes.  When I started my own plants I planted two smaller varieties.  One variety was leftover Roma seeds that I planted, but I do now remember that I had a heritage small tomato from Seed Savers that was in the shape of a pear.

You can see in some of these tomatoes that they are pear shaped and some are Roma's.

Either way they taste very good and I am still eating them for lunch everyday at school.  They seem to ripen on the counter quite well and they are going to last for a few weeks longer.

I am headed to the farm again today after school to cut down a few more smaller trees. I plan to bring some of the wood back home to use in the fireplace.  It will need to dry out a lot but the smaller stuff may burn anyway.

I am an aid today for a number of special education students.  I get to visit some of the rooms that I had subbed in before to see how the regular teacher does their job.

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Anonymous said...

I'll tell John about the pear shaped tomatoes. He might enjoy growing those next year.
The close-ups of your zinnias are amazing. Almost looks like a crown in the center of each flower.
Have a safe afternoon.

The Musical Gardener said...

Yes indeed you do have both Roma's and pears. Both are nice for paste, all the pears are nice fresh too.

Grade 7/8 today - not a bad day at all. Excellent EA in the class with me.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We used to grow a variety called Yellow pear that was really tasty..I bet your heritage seeds are from that same strain..except yours are red. Nice looking Zinnia heads:)