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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Checking in today.........

My flower boxes on the side porch are showing some wear but they seem to be doing ok.  One of the planters has flattened flowers as I had placed a towel over them one night to protect them from frost. I found Tom Tom sleeping on  one of them the next morning leaving his body imprint among the flowers. He was really comfortable for the whole night.

It is time to collect seeds.  I normally store them in glass jars so I will have to find one and start filling it with seed.  I may buy a package of seed of one color for next year to see a purer variety of my choice. There are some fancy zinnia flowers that have been created.

The barberry bush is looking good right now with its red seeds and multi-colored leaves. I like this shrub but it doesn't seem to be such a vigorous grower for me.  I have a couple of them and one is much larger than the other.

The staff person who had a four wheeler accident will be released from the hospital today.  I will be interested in how soon he will be able to return to work. I don't think this is a very quick recovery type of injury.  I will sub for him the rest of the week and I will know by Monday how much longer I will be his sub.

The week is suppose to finish warm and also next week will bounce back to normal mild temperatures.  Thanks for stopping by my post.   Friday is coming.


Maple Lane said...

Very nice photos. That Tom Tom just made himself at home!!!
I noticed at Lowe's and Home Depot this week that seeds, bulbs etc. have been drastically reduced. Good time to buy!

Debbie Lo said...

Believe it, or not, it has never occurred to me to collect seeds in the fall for planting in the spring, but what a great idea. This makes so much sense. Can you tell I've never lived in a farming area before? :-)