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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's Findings.......

I am posting an archived photo of the redtwig dogwood bush that sits on the corner of my property.  I am going to do it this year, trim it down to the ground.  Garden magazines show gardeners pruning them back annually.  Mine has taken over a garden area and I think maybe the cutting it back will make it less aggressive towards my iris and peony bushes.  I did dig up some of it in the spring and moved it but I need to slow it down or move everything around it.

It is the month to move iris and I sure hope I can get some of it done.  I have white iris that are in the shade that never bloom.  I have a nursery ring of dozens of iris given to me that didn't bloom this year because they are not in the sun enough time during the day.  I also have crowding going on in some beds along with rescue operations of iris in the advancing raspberry patch.  If I get a good couple of hours I can get a lot accomplished with these plants.

I had one oxalis that I planted outside and the heat totally cooked it alive.  I thought they were tough but I guess the lack of water is hard on them.  I have another planting of them crowded in a planter in the house.  Fortunately for me I can just move it to a larger pot and I saved it by not planting it outside.

My bird feeder needs some work as I didn't assemble it with long enough nails.  I do that at times by starting to build things and grab whatever size of nail that happens to be around for use.  As you can see the sparrows are getting a free meal.

The majority of phlox is dead in my garden but there are a couple of tough ones that seem to keep putting out their blooms.

I am back at school today working with special needs students and maybe doing a little tech work on the side in the afternoon.  I will be peeling apples again for another apple pie when I get home from school.  That is a good thing, to quote Martha Stewart, as my wife makes wonderful pie.

Our neighbor made a green tomato pie a few days ago and I got to sample that.  It was good but not one on them the top of my list. It treated the tomatoes as if they were apples and the green taste reminded me of gooseberry green.  We shared chicken and noodles with her last night and we supplied the mashed potatoes. It makes for a good meal except she eats very early in the afternoon rather than normal supper times.

Thanks for stopping by my post today.


Maple Lane said...

I hope you have the chance to get your yard chores accomplished. We don't have any bulbs here but we will need to cut our Vitex down almost to the ground after frost. Today, John dead headed the 3 rose bushes out front. It is cloudy here today and cooler. I know that apple pie will be delicious. Hope you both enjoy the weekend.

Debbie Lo said...

Wow! That's quite a list of outside chores you have to get done there! I don't know how you find time to tend so lovingly to your flower gardens, Larry. I'm envious! :-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes you can rejuvenate that Dogwood by cutting it back. It won't hurt it at all. You are a good gardener:)