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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday's Things........

I found these stella lilies trying to bloom again one more time.  The bug is wonderful as before I snapped the photo and didn't know the bug was in the picture.

The photo tells its own story.  I am thinking about putting a row of iris into this flower bed.  Iris like to be in the hot sun and this area is out in the open most of the day.

Some things just grow where they want even if you think you can keep it from happening.  The maple tree seed survived half of the summer growing through the wires of my  fencing material.  As you can see I tried to stop its growth and one leaf shot out anyway and now has fall color.

It is getting to be a long week but Friday is coming.  I am an associate again today with a different student than yesterday.  We have finished our homework and attended Algebra class already.  More things to come through the day.  I am looking forward to art class later this afternoon.  I think we will be grilling tonight as the weather is staying in the low 70's in the afternoon.  It is fall already even though the calendar says it will be a few more days.

Thanks for stopping by my post today.


Maple Lane said...

That would be a great place to relocate iris to. That's funny about the determined little maple!
Grilling out sounds good to me. We are having very mild temps today, too.

Patsy said...

Looks like my flowers. So glad fall is coming. Have a good week-end.

Kris said...

My zins are looking just like yours - tired, but still trying. The bees aren't giving up on them either.

Been 39 degrees last 2 mornings. Now that's downright chilly! I'm thinking past grilling - all the way to building a blaze in the fireplace. Brrrr. Too soon for this. *heh*