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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Late and Short Posting........

I never thought I was a fan of white flowers but I have a lot of fun with the macro shots of them.  The subtle value changes of the so many colors of white are great to see.

It was a busy Saturday and am glad the day is almost done.  A friend and his two boys came over to help me grub out a bunch of stray, volunteer malberry bushes along my alley way.  I want to be able to mow the whole are as it had gotten out of control the past five years.  I can now run a mower over the whole side of the lot and turn it back into a grassed area.  I will be sowing grass seed in the spot in the next few weeks.

 The two boys were 7 and 3 years in age and they were fun to have around while I was working with their dad.  They ate apples from the ones fallen on the ground and they collected things to take home with them.  I got a paring knife and helped them slice and eat the apples.  The little birds nest fascinated the youngest and he put it into his pile of things to take home. He also took home a baby garter snake in a paper cup along with a new tennis ball that I gave to the two boys.

Thanks for stopping by my post today.


Anonymous said...

Your alley will be much easier to maintain now. Sounds like the boys really enjoyed their visit. I know their Mom will be happy to see the snake come live with them!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I bet their Mom has something to say about the sssnake...perhaps you should put up a sssnakes:)

Debbie Lo said...

That's such a beautiful flower shot, Larry. I like all the varying white colors too!

Too cute about the boys and their "collection". It sounds like you guys had a wonderful day and made some fun memories.