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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday's Chores.............

I have three of the four frames made up ready for a finish.  I have one other frame that is a must do that will require us to go to Menard's again for two sticks of moulding.  The one that is left to do is so big that I need a stronger frame to hold the weight of the glass that I will use in it.

I finished up the backings of these two pieces and will not return to work on them anymore.  They are finished.  I might hit them with a polishing cloth one more time but that is it.  Mission accomplished.

I put up Della's angel tree this afternoon and have set up my glass blown ornaments tree. I have no ornaments on my tree but I do have the lights arranged and it is ready for the final hanging of decorations.  Tomorrow is another day in which I can probably get that done and also find some trains to put under it.

The mats are all cut for Della's work that needs to be shipped out this week. Her oil painting portrait is done and needs to be photographed one more time before we call the customer for pick up of it.  Della has one more dog to paint by Friday and I need to finish up the four frame jobs by Friday or even sooner.  I didn't get a clear deadline on one of the "must have" framing jobs so I will do it first.  We have been known to frame and deliver things up to the day before Christmas eve.  I don't want that to happen this year.

Tomorrow we rest.  Our small poodle has been a little under the weather so we are watching him and babying him a lot.  His digestive system is so much more sensitive now that he is older.

Thanks for stopping by to visit my late post today.


~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

You are getting a lot done. It looks good. Enjoy those bubble lights and I hope your little poodle is doing better.
Wrapped presents here today. Need to gather a couple more gifts as the family gatherings start next weekend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You have had a busy day! Yes older dogs have fussy systems just like us old people. I was told that the best thing for tummy upsets in dogs is to brown up a pound of hamburger..then rinse it with hot water..and press the water out to remove all the grease..then cook up some white rice and mix the two in the fridge and feed as tolerated. It rained here then froze and snowed..:(

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Button is not feeling well. Hope he improves soon. You and your wife are so very talented. I admire you both and the wonderful projects you share with us. Hope you will share more pics of your trees as you decorate them. Have a blessed Sunday.