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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Twelve way!!!!!!

Stress, panic, tense filled days, and disappointment are some of feelings that I really am experiencing.  It really shouldn't be this way so I will work on it. I do have to go back to school tonight to help monitor students behavior while each group is singing or playing in a concert.  They are middle school students and I won't be too festive after the experience.

They get nervous before a performance and need to be monitored and then when they get done performing they get excited and are relieved and are ready to relax.   The lunchroom is a far ways away from the auditorium so it helps to maintain them.  I may bring in the Polar Express movie to keep them tamed down a little, by projecting it onto a large wall. I am going to plan on it to be a good experience and expect the kids to behave well.

I talked about this ornament in my other blog.  I thought he was an Italian cook but now I see he is just an Italian snowman.  I keep forgetting to mainstream him into the boxes of ornaments.  He has set in a display case all year in the dining room.

Thanks for stopping by my post today.


Gary said...

Lawd, I don’t envy your evening. But it sound as if you are going to make it an enjoyable time for the kids. – gary

Anonymous said...

Very nice ornaments, Larry.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Larry, I am sure you did enjoy the students, even more so after this week's tragic event.

Linda said...

Emotions do run high - I hope it all went smoothly.