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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday's Scene.......

The balsam pine didn't break any branches from the weight of the snow but it certainly did bow down.  The birch in the background is  glowing from the late afternoon sun. We are all fine.  We ventured out to deliver a frame job Friday.  It was not that safe as the snow was packed and frozen with great textures on different sides of the highways. We drove slowly and returned home as quickly after picking up groceries.  The person was getting ready for Christmas and didn't want to pick up her four framed pictures so I offered to take them to her. She lived in the country and I couldn't make it up her drive completely so we walked the goods up half of the way.

We have our large Christmas tree up now and have a few more  decorations to put up.  Our shipping is done now but my wife and I still have not shopped for each other.  We may hit the mall very early today and see what we can accomplish.  Our Christmas plans are pretty minimal this year so we won't be too stressed for here on through the season. Our boys each will stay in their home areas and we will eat out breakfast with Della's brother and his wife Christmas day.  Christmas eve services will be one tradition that we will keep.

It is cold with all this snow on the ground and I guess that is the one thing that I really don't like about this weather.  The weatherman says the foot of snow really discourages the temperatures from getting very warm. We are warm enough in our old house but it would be more comfortable if it were quite so cold out there.

Thanks for stopping in today.  Enjoy your Saturday.


Gary said...

What a most generous and kind gesture on your part to make the deliver and in the weather you guys are having to boot. Sorry to hear the family want be making it in but it still sounds like you guys still have a lot planned and it all sound most enjoyable. Take care and be careful while out and about. – gary

Anonymous said...

Your tree covered in snow is pretty. John has been looking at your snow photos and remembering how cold he was growing up in MI.
Glad you had a safe trip yesterday and I'm glad you both can relax now and enjoy time with Della's family.
We are at 29 here this a.m. and the wind has finally calmed.
Brother Larry and his daughter will be coming for Christmas lunch today.

Linda said...

Hi Larry, beautiful photo! What a kind thing you did by doing that delivery, which I am sure was greatly appreciated.