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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, March 30, 2015

First Day Again.....

The winds were very strong yesterday.  Even with the bricks on the base the wind brought the feeder down.  The squirrels were a little hesitant to eat from the ground as even the killer poodle could chase you at this level. 

Before I started blogging I went out right away and righted the feeder.  I moved it further away from the window now and eventually I will put it into the yard further back.

I still can not identify that green evergreen tree.  There are two of them on the neighbor's lot line and they have been this green all winter and now into the spring.  The needles are very soft and I bet soft is apart of its name.

Behind the blue angel you can see a couple of large buds that are sticking up behind the wings.  That is a red lilac that I got from my parents property in southern Iowa and it has yet to bloom.  I am hoping that this is the year with the strong large buds that it has on it.

 I have decided that some juncos are going to stay in Iowa this year.  I don't know that they will go now as they should be already starting to build nests.  The feeder has been pretty vacant from birds right now as I think everyone is out building nests.  The robins are everywhere looking for food and cardinals and bluejays are totally not around right now.

The miniature rose that I bought in February is rewarding me now for putting it into a real pot  of soil.  The one stalk is twice the height than what it was when I bought it.  The other stalks did not respond the same way but the taller one has two buds on it and are about to bloom. 

I have known people who set this kind of rose outside in the ground during the summer.  I think I would still bring it in for the winter.  I guess I will need to research that a bit.

I feel badly when the stock was so big that they didn't sell.  Probably all lot of them  went into the garbage after I bought this one.   They sat among the cyclamens and other red blooming tulips for the Valentine's season.

 I don't think it is a good thing to market for that holiday and they should put them in the summer greenhouse area instead for people to buy them as a novelty.

I have no job today other than to do the stuff that needs to be done at home.  I do go to attend school tomorrow so I am going to take advantage of the free time today.  I hope all had a good weekend and here we are back on Monday again.  Thanks for checking in today.


The Furry Gnome said...

That tree looks very much like a White Pine. We have quite a few in the yard here, which I planted as seedlings. You can tell by counting how many needles are in a bunch together. White Pine has 5, and they're light green and soft.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Could your tree be a White Pine? It is hard to make a ID at this distance. Look and see how many needles it has per bundle... a White Pine has five. Your rose is very impressive:)

Anonymous said...

We've had strong winds too. Our neighbor's parents from Canada have been visiting and they are alarmed at our tall Georgia pines that sway during the winds!

Best wishes with that lilac.

L. D. said...

I think you two know your trees. I was thinking White Pine but I couldn't find an example on the net which would let me figure it out.