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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, March 23, 2015

First Day of the Week.......

Even though it is suppose to be spring we will have a cold day today. These tomato plants are not suppose to be planted outside until May 15th.  That means I will be watching and watering them inside for a couple of more months. 

I really will be glad when I can get these guys back outside.  They are so messy as they drop leaves all winter and there are to many of them that I brought inside last fall.

Only one bud will bloom at this time of the  year. I can see it opening up right now and will have to watch so I can get a full photo of it in its opened bloom stage.

I will pace myself and do replants of these through out the next few days.  I don't have the window space I need for them all so I will be moving hardy geraniums out of the window and put the tomato in larger pots in their place.  A geranium can just stay alive and do fine in low light as long as I don't over water it.

I am moving slower today as I went bowling with my boy's Sunday school class yesterday. I need practice as I hadn't bowled since 1969.  Instead of practicing, I think I won't pick it up as a hobby.  The boys were a lot of first timers as bowlers so it was an interesting time.  My scoring was pretty bad but I did improve at the very end of things.  I thank you all for stopping in today.


Patsy said...

You sure are going to have a good crop of tomato's this year.

Anonymous said...

Fun to see the tomato plants. I remember our family bowling when I was very young. I dropped a ball on Karen's foot! ooops!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your tomatoes are getting true leaves!! I used to bowl, not so much anymore:)