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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday the 18th, March........

It is good that the American robins are back.  They come during this month regardless of the weather.  I don't see many of them around our neighborhood but I can hear their call all summer. I guess the robins and the wrens are the ones that migrate and all the others seem to stick around year round.  I did see a Junco yesterday that had nott flown northward but most of them are gone already.

This is the smallest of our squirrels and he is the only one that can squeeze into this tray space. The most of the squirrels have spread out into their territorities and I am sure there will be babies being born soon.

Picasa liked this photo as it gave it the special treatment. I like it because the tulips are starting to come up now.  I whined about it a few days ago and the two warm days caused the tulips to sprout up.  This is the time of the year when i wished I had bought some hybrid tulips and put them in last fall.

This is a row of cheap bulbs that is showing themselves.  I know we could get another snow yet but most times these guys do survive whatever it gets hit with weatherwise.

We have no big plans today and will take it easy.  Being that is has turned to normal temperatures again, we are cold and don't really want to get out into it. Some people are out mowing and sucking up leaves but it is way too brown yet to see any improvement to the yards.  I will wait for another month before I think about working on that. Spring rains are yet to come and we seem to be needing more moisture so we will have to watch and wait.   Thank you for stopping in today.


Dolly said...

When the new growth starts, I ALWAYS wish I had bought more bulbs !

By the way, your post title says "the 28th"'s still the 18th here ! LOL !

Patsy said...

From your comment you must have missed that all this New house blogging is a past remembrance.
When we lived in Texas over 20 years ago. Then 10 years in Tennessee. We are old now and living in Arkansas on memory's.
Thanks, we are delighted to get your comments.

L. D. said...

yes it is the 18th today for most of the day. I had it to be the 28 for a short time period. Thanks Dolly.

The Furry Gnome said...

Cold here today too, but still 6 inches of snow, hard enough to walk on. No Robins yet, and certainly no tulips for awhile!