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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Second Day of the Week........

As the new commercial says, "that doesn't look like a Buick."  It is a Buick Enclave and it is my son's and his wife's new vehicle.  I had another photo but the license plate is in the picture so I decided not to show that. I watch symbol designs on cars and I have some that I like better than others.  Some designs are too simplistic and others are just plain bad design.  The three shields in this one is probably historic but when they make them out of such shiny metal, they all actually do look good.

I am out picking up all the sticks that fell to the ground after our three days of strong winds.  I looked over to the  Austrian pine and decided that the lights were still on it.  They were the same color of green and I never really noticed them when out in the yard.  That is the very last Christmas thing to come down and it isn't the first of April yet.

I started the process of upgrading the pots for the tomato plants.  They just were replanted here and they don't look so great.  They were all standing tall by the end of the day.  I had brought dirt in from a planter outside and the dirt was then mixed with some potting soil that I had.  When I started planting the little guys I noticed the soil was very cold.  It did warm up after being in the house for a while. There are 18 of these guys and it is only the one variety. I have three other varieties to do.  Some are less in number than others.   I will be giving half or more of these away before May. 

This set of tulips are emerging strong.  Our weather is so strange as it is going to be very warm but our soil just isn't that warm.  Because of the cool ground and low moisture we are just moving really slow.  It probably is actually normal and on regular schedule but our afternoon temps get to be warmer than normal.  I think daylight makes a lot of these things develop more than the temps.

I am in the band room today.  Students are getting ready for individual contests so the room will be filled with many students practicing their solos all over the room and on the stage and auditorium.  It will be a lot of noise music today.

I worked outside a little yesterday and I can see I will be needing to do more as the plants develop.  We are to get a storm Wednesday evening and maybe we will get some rain from that.   We are not in drought yet but we seem to be low in water moisture content-wise.  If I survive today's activities in here I will see you tomorrow. Thanks for stopping


Far Side of Fifty said...

Can you wear ear plugs? Enjoy your symphony of noise! Good thing to get the last of the Christmas stuff packed away before April 1st! :)

Patsy said...

We had to rake and pick up stick out of the back yard . There were still a lot of leaves but the grass is greening up. Now we get the spring rains.
I loved my Buick, had two over the years I worked.

troutbirder said...

It's a great vehicle. We just got the Chevy version called a Traverse for hauling Lily and Mrs. T's "stuff" to Florida in January...:)