Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tis Thursday.....

I was out taking photos of a pretty gray landscape in the late afternoon.  I was trying to get lilac buds in focus and I look down to see this box.  We get stray things like this outside as the wind blows loose things up and down the alley.  Once I saw it I decided to use it and go remove more ornaments from my outside evergreen tree.  I am sure the neighbors are use to me doing strange things like carrying a weathered box around in one hand and a camera in the other.

I did get another batch of balls off of the tree despite how very cold that wind was while I was doing it. Can you see me reflecting back at you in some of the Christmas balls? I will transfer these guys into plastic bags to take to the basement for another year. I will still need to take out a stepladder to get the top balls of of the tree. I really should get the rest of them down before the first day of spring.

I never did get the buds on the lilac into focus.  I was too lazy to put on the macro setting.  Maybe I will try again when the weather is better for me to be out there.There are not many and there should be a lot more in another week.

There are no buds on the apple trees yet, nor the pear tree.  My neighbor on the west side of town still has his bee hives so I am anxious for the budding and flowering to take place. I would like to get out there and see them at work.

Just in case you are wondering, the ladder is my new lawn ornament.  I have two stepladders to use and a large newer ladder to use.  There isn't a need to put this one in storage as it is an old one from my dads and I only use it right here in this tree.  When I photograph it in different views it does look more like sculpture.  I am going to leave it there just for fun. Laying it on the ground behind the shed is my only other option.

I have this one junco that still comes to the feeder.  I am certain that all his friends have headed north already because they would feed in flocks during the winter.  I am glad he is still around but maybe he is waiting for another migrating flock to go by and pick him up to join them.

Plans are to be spontaneous today.  We have to run one errand and maybe more activities will follow.  It isn't going to get very warm today so we won't want to be out and about too much.  Hobby Lobby is on our list of the one thing to do.   Thanks for stopping by today.


CatTales said...

I do see your reflection in the ornaments. Such a pretty bird; hope he "catches the next flight!" Our town is getting a Hobby Lobby. I love to shop there so this is good news. It is raining and colder here today. Hope you both enjoy your outing. You two will get a big laugh out of today's post about John.

Far Side of Fifty said...

The Juncos have not shown up here yet..they will when we get snow! We have a Hobby lobby 95 miles away...I like to go there:)