Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cadillac of Old.......

Another photo of a model car to share today.  It is an old late 40's Cadillac with operating doors.  I remember seeing this car from the past.

I don't know how common that it was to own a convertible car like this but it was a nice looking car.

Tom Tom and his buddies have been busy filling up their stomachs before the snowstorm hits.  It will be arriving at four o'clock today just an arriving train or airplane.  The weather guys have it down to an actual science of timing and they generally are pretty much correct.  Omaha and Kansas City are covered with snow and now it is moving into Iowa.  Most schools have dismissed to let the kids get home safely before the storm hits.

I haven't had work for the last two day and school is closed on Friday because of Parent-Teacher conferences so I won't be back to work until Monday.  I think my changing of the web address has not caused as much  trouble as I had thought and  yet I will wait and see.  My comments are up as people are letting me know that they are still getting on.  I am not sure that bookmarks to my blog will correct as mine didn't.  I had to reset my bookmarks to the two blogs that I changed.

I don't know that being a favorite blog on another's sites will work as the address is changed and they may have to be removed from the list and then reset by adding the blog back onto the list.  Whatever happens I am glad I got the web address changed to a less descriptive address that doesn't give out my identity.

Thanks for your patience with this.  I was intending to deal with this a long time ago.  I may lose people as they may not find me anymore but that is the chance I had to take.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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