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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Progress Report...........

In spite of the cold the New England bluebells are trying to put out its  flowers.   I saw daffodils that got hit by the frost  this morning at the school.  They were bent over and looking sickly.  The blooms were out because they are in a protected sunny area in the afternoon.  But the 31 degrees in temperature took its toll on them.   I don't have daffodils blooming yet but there are a lot of blooms on the stems.  We will have a clear cool day today with no rain.

The sedum is one of the first things to come up and one of the last things to actually bloom.  The moisture in the ground should mean that I will see blooms and good foliage this year.

One of my things to get done soon is to cut a bigger hole in the house for the birds.  The birdhouse was made by a student at school and tossed into the dumpster.  I  rescued it and put some paint on it. I added a better base but I never changed the size of the hole.  I think it is too small of a hole even for wrens.  Apparently the student thought any size of hole for an entry would do.

I am spending my sixth day at school today.  The needed coverage for a Saturday school session.  No staff member wanted to do it so I asked and received the job. The kids are here for four hours, reading, studying or whatever they need to do in homework.  They refused to serve detentions after school and after so many times of not meeting the time limit, they get assigned a four hour Saturday school.   I think serving 25 minutes after school would be a lot easier.

My wife and I are going to hit a bookstore in the afternoon and get out of town for a while.  The rainy week and cold hasn't been fun but we could have had it a lot worse.  It just that the weather teased us a little to show us what normal is like in spring and then it went away.

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Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Enjoy your getaway and hopefully the weather will have improved by the time you return home.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your blue bells are going to be beautiful! I hope they paid you well for your Saturday! :)

Anonymous said...

The bluebells are gorgeous.
Great find with the birdhouse. We had blue birds in ours at the old house and left it for the 8 yr old boy who lives there now.
An afternoon at the book store sounds delightful.