Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Leaf Soup........

When you see a picture like this you know it is time to clean the bird bath.  It isn't frozen anymore so I should not have any excuses. I will dump it out this morning so the predicted rain will fill it again.

I succeeded in moving this rose to a new location.  It is William Baffin and is doesn't like wet roots.  I had it by my garden shed and the rainy seasons a few years back really slowed it's growth as the rain from the roof kept the soil very wet.  All of my roses appear to have survived our long winter as they are showing green stems.  I need to carry my shears with me every time I venture out now as I keep seeing things that need to be trimmed back.

My inside hardy geranium has put out it's first bloom.  The foliage of the plant is wonderful but the color of this bloom is great too.

It is a day to finish up my major frame job.  I have been on it for a couple of months with taking a lot of time to devise the solution to the job and then engineering the actual project.  A photo essay is in the making.  We are out of dry cat food for the neighbor cats and they seem to be very hungry.  We buy the lowest priced food in large bags so we can keep them going.  Tom Tom the one who frequents the porch most has actually put on some weight.  Thanks for stopping by today and have a good weekend.

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