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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, April 8, 2013


I removed the sansivera from the pot and now I have turned it into a desert planting.  A friend gave me the little barrel cactus and I put in another two sprigs from other cactus that I already had.  The prickly pear cactus I set outside a couple of days ago to get it accustomed to the outside.  It would be nice if I could get it to bloom but I doubt that it will.  The other strange piece of cactus is from one that a neighbor gave me from her four foot tall plant.

The two long narrow cactus are new ones given to me and I put them in with my neighbors rough leafed looking cactus.  She had this tall one that she decided to cut off and start over again.  The original got to be so big she had no area to place it in her house during the winter.

I took an algebra book home over the weekend so I could teach high school math today. Solving systems using substitution is the name of the game.  Two sets of formulas can be solved by subtraction, addition, and multiplying both equations to get a common multiple.  Makes sense doesn't it?  It scares me that I understand it but I vaguely remember it from my high school 40 plus years ago.

4x + 2y = 14
7x - 3y = -8
Solve for x then for y.    Why? I don't know, math people love it.

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Nelson said...

I love cactus!! Cacti are mostly ornamental plants, with their unique and novel appearance and easy-peasy maintenance.