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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday's Chores.......

It is transplant day at my house.  It is time to get it done. Can't find the right containers but I will find some thing that I can plant them in to give them room to grow some stronger roots and bigger stems.
Two hours later......
Since I forgot to post this I can now say that the transplanting is done.  They went limp for a while but they were replanted into good Iowa top soil.  I get the soil from out on the corner drainage area from the street.  All the washing of top soil comes down the ditch and drops off as it goes by in front of my house.  It is good rich dark soil and some of it was filled with composted leaves so it works really well.

I thought I had a rhubarb shot and here it is.  It a week old as the plants now have green leaves unfolding.  I know I have mention a hundred time about not having moisture but these plants will actually put out many stems and probably will again after the first harvest.

All of my hardy geraniums survived the winter in the house.  The plant above has two more buds on it ready to bloom.  The others in the bird room are very much alive but have not set any buds on them.  It won't take them long to do so once they get outside.  

I picked up all the large sticks this morning and will do refined clearing as time goes on.  I had to carry away five buckets full of torn up sod that the city snow plow dug up in the winter.  I have a wider road now and less grass to grow as the plow wandered over about two feet into the yard removing grass.  I have a couple of more buckets of sod to carry but got physically tired so I quit for a while today. Maybe I will return later this afternoon.

We are 58 degrees right now and will maybe hit 68 degrees F.  later this afternoon.  Thanks for stopping in today.

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Anonymous said...

That is the most delicate color of geranium. Picking up sticks is no fun. We now have lots of hard wood trees in our yard.