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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday............a Little Cold.

The sparrow is looking me over but he really does not want to leave the millet that he is standing in on the feeder.  They snow has finally been cleared by birds digging it out of the way to help them find the seed.

The sun is shinning but it isn't really warm.  The weather computer that tells channel 8 the temperatures for Woodward is in my science room that I am teaching in today.  It officially says we are at 14 degrees F.  There is no wind right now and that is a good thing.

I bought an electric heater for the bird's room so they won't get chilled.  That is bad if they catch drafts or are too cold.  The benefit for the birds also helps out the hardy geraniums who think it is now still summer.  The geraniums were in a reblooming cycle when I brought them inside.  They did take a little shock from the shift into the indoor climate by dropping a few leaves,  I will take some time and remove them one by one to make the plants look better. 

 I kept getting called to come in to substitute today and I kept rejecting them.  I finally accepted the middle school science job even though I truly just wanted to stay home today and work on projects. The secretary called me personally and not the machine.  I hate to leave them hanging with that many jobs to fill so I did the one that was essential.  Some of the associate's jobs they just won't find workers for and they have to fill in with other staff.

I hope all are well, all my cold blogger friends.  I can't see that most of you are not missing out on the Arctic air.  It seems to have spread across the nation.  Everyone be careful and thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

It looks like you have about the same amount of snow as we do. Your flowers are looking great! You old softy...the Secretaries know your number!! :)

Cattails said...

I know the school really appreciates your sacrifice when they call personally.

These are such pretty photos.