Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The inside ceramic birds seem to be doing well enjoying the heat of the furnace.  The window in my computer desk area seems to give a good view of the weather with its bright winter white light.

Where did the summer and fall go as now I look out and this is a way too familiar of a sight. The corner of the t intersection has the redtwig dogwood shrub showing. I am reminded that I have yet to  trim it back.  It can be done in the winter.  Some articles in garden books and magazines share people's technique of cutting them down to the ground every fall.

If you click on the photo you can see a new ramp that has been added to the house.  I have known the woman there for years, a former student,  but I never talk to her.  I am wondering who the ramp is for and that maybe a parent is going to move into the house with her. It is a really nice looking ramp and was put up at about the same time as I gained the view of the new storage shed in front of the corn field across the street.

It is about time for a "donkey and cart" report again.  I bought the new vine for it and so far it looks good.  I don't know if it will do anything but grow taller.  If that is so, it might not have been the best of the choices for plants. The person at the nursery knew nothing about the plant so I just used my gut feelings about the choice.  I glued the ceramic planter together a couple of years back from a great fall that it had and I still am very careful when I move it.

I am home today so I can get some projects done.  I turned down an associate job to get some work done at home.  I took a shot of the phlox plants next to Barney out back and as you can see they do hold their green for a long time  Eventually they dry up and turn yellow.  With drifts of snow they make a great photo.  Right now they look like an area I should have cleared in the garden.

I didn't get the tomato garden cleared this fall but I did get my one batch of wood scraps burned. I also burned a thumb in the process but it is ok now.  Once the snow comes there are just regrets for not getting things done. I don't have any people inspectors breathing down my neck about it so I don't worry about it either.  I will try to get my snow stick up today.  I will share info about that later.

We had a light snow a few minutes ago but now the sun is coming out and it looks like a great day.  We are at 8 degrees F right now but we will hit the 20's eventually.  I am glad to not be going to school today.  I hope everyone can stay inside today, even those who are in Florida, as it is cold outside everywhere.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Anonymous said...

I have always enjoyed your ceramic planters, especially the donkey. Hope your plant does well. That is a nice ramp addition across the street. John once inspected additions like that in his code enforcement job. Many times, the builder made it too steep and it was really hazardous! It does look so cold at your home. Barney and Button probably hurry out and back in on days like today. We are below freezing for a high today and it is breezy. Off to have my foot xrayed and dread the cold. Glad you have a day off. You two enjoy the afternoon.

Far Side of Fifty said...

That Ivy should vine and trail...pinch it back if it gets too tall! They usually grow up a bit as that is how they are grown in the out room only uproom. Must be a plant challenged person working in that store. Glad you got a day off.:)

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

So cute to have a donkey and cart report. I picked it out of the photos before I read the post. We had a warm up today. Gave me just enough of a chance to clear a few things off the back patio planters.