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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, November 21, 2014

Taking a Break.......

I am not taking a break, just the bluejay is taking the break.  I do have to get out and take some more photos as I have run out of shots.  It had been too cold for me to do much of anything.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday in the kitchen working on a new paint job for the cupboards.  We both worked on it.  The old home built cupboards were difficult to work with as I had to remove all the hinges and handles in order to sand and repaint them.  All of our drawers had to be emptied and that is all sitting in the dinning room on the table, chairs and counter.  My wife insisted that I didn't need to share everything to the world including the sight you see in the dining room.

Today I am back at school teaching middle school English.  I will be putting all the handles back on drawers and doors after school today and attaching the doors with brand new hinges.   Maybe by evening I will have it all put back together again.We will work together on Saturday to get all the stuff back into the cupboards.  When all is done for this section we will have only the bottom set of cupboards done.  The above cupboards will require a lot of time as they all have bad hinges and need to be sanded.  The above cupboards will not have to be emptied to do the doors. That is good.

I am ready for it to be Saturday.  We may not venture far as freezing rain is in the forecast near us.  Otherwise it is suppose to rain.  I heard on the radio this morning as I was getting out of my car that they think it will get up to 36 degrees today.  Melting would be welcomed.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

That just above freezing weather cn make ice really fast. Sounds like quite a project! Your Fall cupboard cleaning will be all done! I thought maybe you were going to see AJ for Thanksgiving! :)