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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Things for Thursday......

The planting of the oxalis into a large container was a success this summer.  The cold winds came in early and caused them to flatten a bit but they did survive.  Now they are doing well in the house and I have hope the new sprouts will stand tall and the slanty ones will die away leaving it looking healthy again. The green is so nice to see this time of the year.

Squirrels can seem to be so crafty and clever about things when it comes to getting free food.  These two don't seem to be so smart.  They were so busy trying to chase each other away from the corn feeder that they neither one ate at the feeder most of the day.  I think they were equally threatened of each other so they both stayed away, thinking the opponent must be at the corn.

By late afternoon the one got to be brave enough to come and check on the feeder. He didn't eat much from it or take many kernels in his cheeks back to his den.

My son and his wife enjoy feeding birds in their Arlington Heights backyard.  It seems that not many people are feeding in the neighborhood as they get mobbed with birds once the new feed is put out.  They have many of the same birds as we do but I think they have a lot more cardinals.  They live in an older development  where the trees are mature so the birds have plenty of places to be unlike a new development would be.  Our grandson AJ isn't quite 2 years old yet and he already is a birdwatcher. 

This guy never did make it up the tree to get any corn. 

I have a lot of downy photos now so I will just show one each day.  The starlings also really like the suet cakes and they also take time to take loose seed.  I don't know what starlings eat but they do pick through the lot of find things to eat.

I have started a kitchen painting project which I might share as time goes on.  The whole mess should be pulled out of there and new cupboards put in but for now they are getting a fresh coat of paint.  When I bought the place in 1976 the seller was a "spray paint happy" guy and clear coated plywood doors were painted an offensive green.  He dumped and poured paint together to paint the outside color of the house and I bet he put white, yellow and green together to get the first color on the cupboards.  The cupboards have had a few different coats of paint now after 34 years and it is now going to get the last coat of paint from me in my lifetime. White and light blue will be the end result.  No pictures until all of the old is covered up and only new can be seen.

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KathyB. said...

Even though the squirrels around here are so frustratingly good at getting into all the bird feeders ( even the squirrel-proof ones ) I love to watch them. Your pair do seem like equal threats to each other, wonder which one will win ?

We get the Downys here, but no cardinals. Bird watching is a pastime I'd hate to give up . The birds are so entertaining and beautiful, and their music is a delight to my soul.

Anonymous said...

So cute that AJ is a birdwatcher. Best wishes with the kitchen painting; I know that job can be tedious. I love the oxalis. I wonder if the corn you put out has to lose the scent from your hand??? One time John placed some apples on a fence for the squirrels and it was several days before they came around to actually eat them.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good to hear AJ like birds! Painting inside now...good for you! :)