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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday's Notes.........

We have a contrasting day today from yesterday with 3 inches plus snow on the ground and more is falling. The feeder has been busy all morning and a large variety of birds have come to feed.  I went out and put fresh seed in the feeder while Button was out early this morning.

It is a nice snow so far as it coats over all that brown and gray.  I know that it is going to cause travel problems today and maybe into tomorrow.  The yew bush always looks great with a lot of s now on it.

The flocks of sparrows and juncos are hungry.  I have a couple of chickadees darting in to grab a seed and one cardinal is visiting the feeder.  Nuthatches are rare to see but the downy woodpeckers are now hitting the suet.

I shovel for Button so he can go outside and I pushed away snow this morning for the birds as they were having to dig into the inches of snow to find the millet.

I put up a niger seed sock this morning on the feeder and it looked funny hanging there.  It is now hanging next to the dinning room window and I have a few photos of chickadees. No goldfinches in sight but if it hangs there long enough they might learn to feed from there. I can see now that I need to trim back the phlox and put away the one orange pot so they are not in the photo. I do see some seed must of fallen on the planter as there is a bird on it.

It is interesting to see that those who are the first to get their grass mowed in the summer are also those that get out and push away 3 inches of snow in the driveway.  Since it is snowing they will have to do it again this afternoon.  Marge is doing the plowing today as her husband is at work and she is recovering from a knew replacement.

Grandma and grandpa had to go shopping yesterday for a special grandson.  He is 21 months and just chatters on the phone about all the words that he does know.  It is amazing how they reach a certain age and their brain starts to organize all those word sounds into real conversation.  Most words are responses to questions but his parents have worked hard on the words, "grandpa and grandma." I am sure he won't know us when he sees us but Friday he will have a chance to get to know us again. He watches a lot of Pooh Bear and also Thomas the Train.  His dad was hooked on Pooh Bear as a kid from books but AJ has ready available netflix movies to see continuously. Oh yes he has a way of saying chocolate cake that is cute and said with glee.

I have chores to do today but I am going to sneak in the painting of our double kitchen window and the wood mug cupboard that surrounds it. In the old days I am sure the surround was called a "what not shelf" but it holds are mugs now with three small shelves on each side of the window.  It isn't a big endeavor but I thought it would take us closer to our eventually finish of the job.  I have a feeder on the railing of the steps so the birds will entertain me while I paint.  I will have to keep the camera out of there as to not to get paint on it.

I appreciate your stopping in today and I know lots of you are reading my posts but not commenting.  I am glad to share and hope I don't get too boring.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Anonymous said...

You are one of many who has snow today in blogland. The yew is really beautiful laden with snow. I am familiar with the what not shelves beside the kitchen windows. Each house I ever lived in has one but this one. There is NO window over my sink! I go nuts! So happy that AJ and his mom and dad are visiting. I am surprised that I am familiar with Pooh and Thomas the Train - most of the time these days, I am not up to date on what is popular among children! HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

You are sure in the holiday spirit for your little guy. Cute gifts. You'll have such fun watching him with those.
Happy Thanksgiving!