Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Through my window to the world I can see the sun is shinning.  It isn't in the picture but the light of it is there. 

The shadows in the bay window show how strong the sunlight is this morning.  The lace curtains put out a greatly defined shadow.  It is nice to see the sun after those early days of snow that we already had.

I can see that I need to put things away around my computer. Here they are dust and all. When I have something in hand, many times it gets carried to my desk and then I start piling in on the top shelf.  I certainly could dust that area more quickly if I would put them away where they belong.

Looking up to see if the other tray will have food, the junco twists its neck.  I think I have more juncos at the feeder than I do sparrows.  It is a good change but I wonder why the sparrow population is down.  I need to add corn to my two squirrel feeders as it is mild out there today.  It is cold but the winds have quit for a while. 

I hear the tv telling me we will get snow in the night putting a new blanket of white on everything.  I really think they are ignoring the chance of Thanksgiving day being a bad weather day.  Our one set of kids are coming on Friday bringing our grandson with them.  It will be so great to see him. 

I hope all are doing well today and that sunshine is in your picture too.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Cattails said...

Pretty to see the shadow of the lace curtain and I love your green plants in the windowsill.

We had fabulous weather yesterday but it is cool again today. I pray that you two will have a blessed Thanksgiving and praying safe travel for your son/family. Looking forward to seeing new photos of AJ!