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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Archived Photos.......

The photo of the past is a clear shot of my river birch tree.  You can see I could not cheat on this one, saying it was taken in the fall.  The green leaves sprouting is what will be seen next spring.

One of my favorite mugs with a browning makes a cold day like this a better day.  It is raining and we are glad to get the moisture.  We are not glad as to how cold the rain is that is falling when it hits the face.

An archived photo sharing the future of what will be seen on this blog.  The trains and trees will be coming out in another week.

If Barney could speak I am sure that he would tells us about how he is looking forward to snow.  Rolling in it and running through the drifts makes him a happy dog.

We ordered a tombstone for my brother's grave today.  It was a delayed order for a few complicated reasons as my brother has been gone 7 years.  We signed the papers and paid the bill so it can be installed this coming spring.  As it is a small world,  I discovered that the woman who sold the monument to us was an old friend of a cousin of mine.  The cousin was from my mom's side of the family and the friend was telling me she remembered my farm and the house as she came to visit back in the 50's.  We had a big white farmhouse on a hill. There must have been a family gathering and the cousin brought her friend along. The time had to be before 1959 as we tore down that house and built a ranch house on the site that year.   The woman from the monument company is 17 years older than me and she must have been out of  high school while I was about 4 or 5 years old. She said she didn't remember me at all, but she remembered how pretty my mom was.  The distant cousin is now gone but this lady knew a lot of the family in the Lorimor, Iowa area as a lot of my grandmothers brothers  lived over there.

Rainy days are hard to survive but staying inside does help.  Barney ran outside on his own this afternoon and didn't required me to walk him.  I know eventually that will happen but I am hoping the weather will get better.  Thank you for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

I love your River Birch! Spring looks pretty good too...better than winter. We got rain that froze:( Good to see Barney! :)