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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thursday with Things.....

The leaves are gone and the line design left seems to be so stark in appearance.  The sky is the show in the photo as the sun sets and the clouds reflect.

The clouds are puffy and moving in an easterly direction.  The formations that they make are so great to see.

The morning glories keep blooming even though the blooms are not the normal shape.  The cold and changing light is effecting them but they do appear to be quite healthy.

It is Thursday and Friday is coming.  I know we are having a better fall than normal but it seems to make me wish that the warm fall would last forever.  Walking Barney at night is still cold and I have to bundle up for the cold.  We have a new street light along our walk which makes the journey a lot more fun.  The pole has always been there but the light has not been working for years.  Placing stop signs at the three corner stop meant they needed to light that corner.  The new stop signs can now be seen at night as people rush through them.

I didn't mention the numbers of people that came to our door Halloween night.  It was a good night and all the parents came with the kids and lots of treats were being given out to them.  I  went through four bags of candy and had to shut my door and turn off my lights 15 minutes early.  It was our largest turnout in years.

Thank you for checking in on my blog.


Patsy said...

Your flowers just don't want to give up!

So sad what has happened, here you wake up with
news of killings every day. My brother is retiring
soon from a long career in law enforcement even tho
he is not on the street now. It will be a relief to have
him out of that job.

Mildred said...

I was curious about your number of trick or treaters! Glad you have your street light again, especially with the new stop signs. It's hard to make ourselves take Theo out after dark; we have no street lights. We do have a little dog run at the basement door for when the weather gets cold/nasty. Our leaves are really falling today; we also have clouds and sure hope for rain. It is so dry.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your Morning Glories are still pretty! We have some of those stop signs too, that should read slow and go:)