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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, November 21, 2016

Tilting Earth Alert.........

The earth continues it leaning as the sun keeps moving in the picture farther to the south.  The sun earlier in the year was at the far north end of the scene coming up over a garage three buildings  and a camper down.  Now the sun is coming up over the second house to the right of the house across the street.

The area where the wood pile had covered shows that it didn't take long for the leaves to find place to be. The soil is so dry.  We are told that maybe Tuesday will we see rain.  I bet it will be snow but they are not going to predict. it.

As winter sets in I move to new and different items to share from inside the house. This booklet was found in temperate storage on my desk and I had forgotten what it was all about.  When you read the poem you can see it is a booklet that a teacher would give to a student. The booklet has seen better days but it is all still together.

When I opened the booklet my mind started to remember what it was all about.  Country school teachers handed out this booklet at the end of the school year to each of the students.  It was a fancy deal as they had to set the type for it and print out this individualized center of the booklet.  If you can click on it on the booklet you can see the date is 1925.  The teacher has the last name of a Wetzel.  She is a relative, as my grandfather's sister married a Wetzel. The school was north of Murray.  My mom is the first grader, Zella Brown.  Her two older brothers Marvin and Kenneth Brown were in second grade. Zella was born in 1919 so she was the right age to be in first grade.  Her brothers were older by a few years and would not have been in the same class but times were tough.  It was said that my grandparents were so poor that they moved every year to a different abandoned farm house. My mom did state that she had never been in the same country school two years in a row.

The Wetzel were probably the teachers kids attending the school. Other members in the list are people who grew up and moved to the Osceola area.  The Denly in my mom's class ended up owning a furniture store.  I am glad I had not tossed this book.  It really is more special than I though it was.  I am sure I had kept it a first because of the illustration on the front of it and it was old, not knowing what I really had here.

The ornamental pear tree instantly changed leaf colors when it got down to freezing temperatures.  It will be the last tree to lose its leaves on my property.  The leaves on the tree are the shiny red ones that I am finding on the ground.

It is Monday and we have errands to run.  We will be in the low 40s today and that will seem warm after having the days of cold blowing 20s.  Winter coats came out instantly and were needed on Saturday.  I walked Barney last night and I really didn't have enough layers of coats on me.  It was cold. The sky is clear during very cold nights and the starts show up brightly.  I try to get Barney to walk faster though as I don't need to stand around out there.  Thanks for checking in today.


Red said...

I received a similar book in the late 40's.

Far Side of Fifty said...

That is a wonderful booklet even more special that it was your Mom's Country School:)